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Vicious hackers

The most unpleasant aspect of working online are the vicious hackers who hack into the computer/laptop of an individual who earns money online, in the hope of taking over their business. It is extremely difficult to get justice, to trace the hackers who do this as they falsely claim that national security is involved when they actually want to make their mediocre fraud relatives and friends rich and powerful overnight.

In engineering, a lady engineer is usually treated at par with her colleagues, especially while discussing technical aspects. While working online, a single lady webmaster is subjected to endless harassment, her computers and laptops controlled remotely by vicious hackers, who frame her and make her appear guilty of actions which she is not even remotely associated with. Even when she is willing to pay, it is impossible to find or even contact a suitable computer/internet security firm.

Unfortunately, the people she is treated at par with are housewives ( who openly boast that they do not even know what their computer configuration is) and non technical MBAs. Despite investing a large part of her hard earned money online, there is absolutely no support from her business associates.
Why are the hackers able to get away with their misdeeds so easily?

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Buying online

Though online prices are attractive, many e-commerce websites fail to retain customers for long.
When an expensive electronic product is purchased offline, the retailer will not usually dump a poor quality/defective product on the customer, especially when it is under warranty, as the customer is likely to return to the shop and ask for after sales service.
He or she will also tell the local community about the shoddy product.
When he or she visits the shop and complains, it will also act as deterrent to other prospective customers who will refrain from further purchases. In addition, in real life, sellers genuinely try to help buyers, as they hope they will make repeat purchases from their store.

On the other hand, when a product is purchased online, some e-commerce stores feel that they are under no obligation at all to provide any kind of after sales support even though the product is under warranty for a year.
The customer’s hard earned money is wasted on a non functional product and they have to spend a lot of their valuable time and money making phone calls to the customer support number, visiting the various service centers, trying to get the product repaired. At the most, the customer can take the store to the consumer court, or publicize the problem on blogs and forums. Most of the e-commerce companies do not have local offices which a customer can visit to resolve the issue. Technical support is provided on phone and by email by incompetent individuals, who also do not have the requisite knowledge and are often not even interested in helping the end customer.
Examples of defective/non working expensive products purchased online ( costing Rs 10000+)
Toshiba Netbook – Windows booting problem
Blackberry playbook

Medical ethics

When a patient visits a doctor or dentist, they are not only spending their valuable time and money, they also are trusting the doctor blindly. Unfortunately there is no shortage of dentists and doctors who betray the trust their patients have in them. There is at least one dentist who stuffs cotton in place of silver fillings of a patient and gets away with it. A patients dental information is supposed to be confidential , but there seem to be many dentists who will reveal these details to unrelated persons or even the patients enemies who will misuse these details to harm the patient.

Dressing up / dressing well

People dress up/ dress well for different reasons such as:
1.they enjoy dressing up
2.If they have a spouse/boyfriend /girlfriend who they wish to impress. dress code if they are an employee of a company or attending a interview
4.To impress a customer, for a business owner meeting a customer or prospective customer.
5.For peer approval

A person being stalked or harassed for unknown reasons, survival/staying alive is a greater priority, so obviously he or she will not care about his/her appearance. One of the big advantages of dressing badly is that it gives a very good insight into the character of the person with whom one is dealing with. After all, everyone likes to be seen with a fashionable person. But without knowing the background of a person, it is incorrect to jump to conclusions about the knowledge and competence of the person, just based on his or her dressing style.

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Passing judgement

How do people judge a contestant in a Miss India or similar beauty contest?
By the way she looks, talks and carrys herself, it is after all a beauty contest.

How do the decision makers judge a lady in a tech industry where she does not need to interface or meet with any customer on a day to day basis?

The right answer: By speaking to her, understanding her knowledge of the technology, how it works, who handles the tech aspects

The obviously incorrect way : Put her under surveillance without her knowledge for years, have a few people stalk her and judge her solely on the way she looks, dresses and talks to non tech persons, without ever giving her a chance to defend herself directly. Nothing is ever done openly, because the people who do so do not have the guts to admit their harassment of a single lady.


Lack of humanity

A person considering an online career should be aware that many people and companies online are totally devoid of any humanity. Offline, if people see a single lady facing a problem, suffering,  at least some people go out of their way to help her, even if she is a total stranger.

Online , when powerful people see a single lady, who has spent a lot of her hard earned money with different internet companies(and also many years of her life), earning some money, they will put her under surveillance, will intercept her emails, delete files on her computer, try their level best to hack her computer and frame her for things she has never done.

Then they will expect her to “like” their girlfriends,wives and relatives ( who have not even spent Rs 10000 of their hard earned money on a website), teach them for free, form a company with them and make payments regularly to them. They will never have the courage to face her directly because their behaviour can never be justified publicly.


Handling betrayal

If a person is betrayed by a family member , in most Indian families, the family members will keep quiet since “family honour” is at stake.

However, while working in a professionally managed company, the attitude is just the opposite. If a person betrays the trust reposed in him or her, backstabs, cheats, lies or does not keep promises, the person betrayed is encouraged to speak out , tell everyone he or she knows about the betrayal.

This is a much better approach for several reasons which include :

  • People will know about the betrayal, the person behind it, so they will think twice about dealing with the betrayer.
  • If a person keeps quiet after being betrayed, the chances that he or she will be betrayed again are very high as people will take the individual for granted.
  • The person betrayed may get some compensation or redressal if he or she makes a noise about it. If no one knows about a problem, no one can help the affected person.
  • Telling others about the betrayal reduces the frustration and stress caused by the betrayal.

Betrayal by business associates

At times it is your business associates, vendors who will betray you.
If you a single lady, who has spent one crore rupees with the different internet companies in India and abroad, know more about certain aspects of the internet than almost anyone in the country(or the world) in a particular subject, not a single person in the internet industry will openly support you and you will be subject to identity theft and surveillance for years.

However, if you are young , good looking and a powerful person’s “girlfriend” or wife, you will have many supporters, even if you are mediocre with extremely limited knowledge of the internet.