Vicious hackers

The most unpleasant aspect of working online are the vicious hackers who hack into the computer/laptop of an individual who earns money online, in the hope of taking over their business. It is extremely difficult to get justice, to trace the hackers who do this as they falsely claim that national security is involved when they actually want to make their mediocre fraud relatives and friends rich and powerful overnight.

In engineering, a lady engineer is usually treated at par with her colleagues, especially while discussing technical aspects. While working online, a single lady webmaster is subjected to endless harassment, her computers and laptops controlled remotely by vicious hackers, who frame her and make her appear guilty of actions which she is not even remotely associated with. Even when she is willing to pay, it is impossible to find or even contact a suitable computer/internet security firm.

Unfortunately, the people she is treated at par with are housewives ( who openly boast that they do not even know what their computer configuration is) and non technical MBAs. Despite investing a large part of her hard earned money online, there is absolutely no support from her business associates.
Why are the hackers able to get away with their misdeeds so easily?

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