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Supporting cunning crooks and liars

Unemployment is a major problem, but unscrupulous frauds can betray their entire generation when they behave in a treacherous manner.
This is a true life story of how an unscrupulous fraud(we’ll call her UF) betrayed her employer and also an entire generation.
A small business owner called UF for some work.
After 2 days, the business owner decided that UF was too cunning and arrogant to be assigned any further work.
Unknown to the business owner, UF had a lot of powerful relatives and friends.
They spread completely false rumours that UF was doing all the work, when UF was doing nothing.
UF was also given powers of surveillance over the business owner, so that she could perfect her lies.
Now the business owner is facing a lot of problems even accessing her old investments.
Description of the unscrupulous fraud
1.5 feet 3 inches tall
2.Wears jeans
3.has long hair, tied in pony tail or left open
4.lives with a big joint family.

Now the UF is considered a role model for an entire generation because she behaved in such a cunning crooked manner.
Why do powerful people provide so much support and protect such unscrupulous cunning crooks, who are liars and want to grab what is not theirs?

As is her second nature, this fraud is claiming to be involved in this website along with others, when she is doing nothing . That is why this post has been made to expose her lies.

For more about identity theft, with a one point agenda of stealing the hard earned savings of a business owner and promoting the fraud girlfriend / relatives of powerful persons check