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Kindly note that the online publisher has faced great financial losses in the last few years because
Powerful officials educated in the top engineering colleges of the country, behaving like illiterate village gossips have viciously defamed the webmaster, making false allegations without proof against the innocent webmaster and being extremely cruel and inhuman robots, refused to offer compensation for the damage caused to an innocent person
the retirement savings of twenty years of the webmaster have been stolen by these officials without a court order or valid reason.
bangalore’s cheater Shivalli Brahmin housewife nayanshree hathwar, wife of guruprasad,MIT 2000, tata power employee has cheated the single woman obc engineer of more than Rs 1.1 lakh, and instead of being punished for her crime, returning the money, has been rewarded with the license to cheat without being punished for the rest of her life for her fraud on a single woman
Other women like diploma holder siddhi mandrekar have commited corporate espionage, and powerful dishonest greedy officials are allegedly falsely claiming that cheater siddhi mandrekar, slim cunning liar bsc sunaina chodan from goa , stock broker asmita patel, veena, ruchika, riddhi nayak, school dropout eighth standard pass sindhi scammer housewife naina, deepika, nayanshree hathwar and others own the website, when these women do not spend a single paisa on the business expenses, to get these women great powers, government jobs at the expense of the webmaster who has got nothing, only has to pay the bills..
Google has boycotted the websites of the webmaster to destroy competition, reducing advertising revenues after allegedly instigating officials to harass her as detailed above wasting indian tax payer money. Mail from competition commission of India can be provided to anyone interested .
Hence any advertising or contribution to cover expenses of the real online publisher/blogger will be greatly appreciated


The unreasonable male fantasy of powerful men

The powerful men in the Indian internet sector hate an experienced single woman engineer and webmaster, yet these men want a stake in her business, since she is very innovative and hardworking. Hence they reward everyone who cheats, betrays or stalks her with a lucrative government which she deserved. They then expect her to form a company with the cheater , stalker or betrayer who is their girlfriend or relative as they have a very poor opinion of the single woman or it is their ultimate male fantasy to have the best of all worlds.
Their expectations from the single woman are very unreasonable, why should she
1. like the greeedy dishonest backstabbing ruthless cheater, who should actually compensate her for the fraud,
2. steals her important correspondence abusing her powers’
3. has been fraudulently appointed to important government jobs at her expense
4. attacks her repeatedly with directed energy weapons wasting tax payer money, ruining her health, out of hatred .
5, reward the cheater with a stake in her business, it will encourage everyone else to cheat her, making her life difficult
6, Has been blocking payment, delaying approval to harm her financially

Business partners are people who get along with each other, mutually respect, not hate each other, do everything to harm and destroy. Would anyone want to get into a tiger’s or cobra’s cage, and face certain death? Then why should she work again with a ruthless cheater like siddhi, sunaina, nayanshree, others and face certain death , even an interaction with these cheater women will be very dangerous for her. However much the men want the experienced woman to form a business with their young girlfriends, theirs is only a male fantasy, extremely unreasonable, as they have not bothered to have a long term relationship. The earlier they realize this, and stop bullying and harassing a vulnerable woman, the better,to save everyone’s time

The online assets of the single woman’s business can be purchased by paying the right price, not a person forced to form a partnership with a fraud or subjected to identity theft, with inexperienced frauds getting the experience, educational qualification and investment of the woman who they cheated as reward for fraud.