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Demonetization will lead to loss of faith in indian currency

As the exchange rate of the indian rupee against the dollar and other currency declines, it clearly indicates that demonetization will lead to the loss of faith in indian currency. There are reports that there is a massive increase in gold imports to india as indian citizens who want to keep their savings outside banks and the financial system,will prefer to invest in a commodity like gold instead of keeping their money in the form of indian currency which can be demonetized by the government anytime they wish.
A commodity like gold can be easily traded at any time, in any country without any restriction, unlike indian currency which can be used only in India. The demonetization is a betrayal of those who had faith in indian currency, who thought that the money in the form of indian currency could be used for an emergency or financial crisis. Now they have to deposit the money in the bank again, and there is a possibility that they will be fined for their emergency savings on which they have already paid taxes.
Now people are withdrawing money from their bank account and investing it in other items which can be used to generate some money, as there is little faith in the banking and financial system.

Live entertainment to build trust

Doing business or even being friends with a complete stranger can be risky if you do not know the person well, he or she can betray you any time without feeling any guilt at all and without suffering from the consequences, socially and professionally . Hence it is advisable to spend some time with a person before deciding to deal with him or her to understand the true character of the person. In a business environment the person will be on his or her guard and show their best side, making it difficult to judge or predict whether the person will be honest and reliable in the long term.

Hence it is advisable to spend some time with the person in a more informal surroundings before dealing with the individual professionally or personally. Eating out at a restaurant either for lunch or dinner is a good way to know a person better and selecting a well known restaurant with live entertainment will be a good way to build trust. Often popular restaurants have live music and dance performances to entertain their customers. Popular singers like Anushka Manchanda will entertain the customers in the restaurant with their latest popular songs, helping them relax over food .

Though recorded and televized performances are available easily today, nothing can match a live performance by a singer or dancer in terms of entertainment value . Pop singers like Anushka Manchanda, have a wide range of songs to cater to their audience of different backgrounds. In some cases, they may also agree to sing songs which members of the audience may request. Seeing the person react to the presence of a celebrity singer, how he or she will react will also help to gauge the character of the person. Some people will behave nicely if the person is well known or high profile, and ruthlessly exploit those who they feel are vulnerable

Dance performances are also a part of the entertainment which many restaurants are providing today. Instead of going to the theater or cinema for entertainment and then eating out, the entire experience can be combined at the restaurant. Though movies and Tv shows have dancers executing difficult moves, these are often manipulated using special effects and equipment available. Watching the Dancing sensation and telegu actor Allu Arjun perform live in a restaurant will be a different experience altogether. He may perform to recorded music or to the live music provided by the singer Anushka Manchanda.
So before trusting a person for business or personal life taking them to restaurant with a life performance of Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun to accurately gauge their character, will help you understand the person well, and prevent a nasty betrayal in future.

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Betrayal of customer trust

In some companies, employees are trained to treat customers with respect, as the customers purchases help pay the employees salaries and other company expenses. In other companies,some employees treat loyal customers in an insulting manner, this is part of the company culture. These companies also encourage and provide all support to frauds, liars, scammers and identity thieves who make the lives of their loyal customers miserable. The frauds , scammers , liars and identity thieves do not spend any money with the company, but are able to trick and fool gullible people as they are sweet talkers and girlfriends/relatives of powerful people .

When the customers business is adversely affected by the frauds and scammers who the company offers unstinted support, these loyal customers slowly find out the cause of the problems. These loyal customers move their business elsewhere and instead of trying to retain the loyal customers, these companies make the life of the loyal customer miserable and take no action against the scammers, liars and identity thieves, who are the root cause of the problem.

The “honourable” and ‘respectable’ people running these companies still think – “we have done everything possible to ruin the life of our loyal customer, yet we still think he or she should continue to spend her hard earned money with us, help pay our salaries”. Why are people so ungrateful, so lacking in decency and humanity?

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Handling betrayal

If a person is betrayed by a family member , in most Indian families, the family members will keep quiet since “family honour” is at stake.

However, while working in a professionally managed company, the attitude is just the opposite. If a person betrays the trust reposed in him or her, backstabs, cheats, lies or does not keep promises, the person betrayed is encouraged to speak out , tell everyone he or she knows about the betrayal.

This is a much better approach for several reasons which include :

  • People will know about the betrayal, the person behind it, so they will think twice about dealing with the betrayer.
  • If a person keeps quiet after being betrayed, the chances that he or she will be betrayed again are very high as people will take the individual for granted.
  • The person betrayed may get some compensation or redressal if he or she makes a noise about it. If no one knows about a problem, no one can help the affected person.
  • Telling others about the betrayal reduces the frustration and stress caused by the betrayal.