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The business of framing

One of the worst aspects of working online is how easily innocent persons can be framed. There is no proof which will stand in the court of law, people may make unsubstantiated allegations without proof and if a sufficient number of people gang up to make false accusations against a person to extort money/blackmail, the innocent person is considered to be guilty.
The art of framing an innocent person seems to have been perfected by a gang of extremely well connected crooks who have no ethics, morals or conscience as they work mercilessly to destroy the lives of innocent persons to enrich themselves.

It starts simply enough, this gang of crooks starts making anonymous posts on forums that they have made a payment to the HDFC bank account of the person they plan to frame, when they have not paid a single paisa. The post remains on the forum long enough, and when the person/business defamed asks the gang member for proof, like all scammers he refuses to reply. Unfortunately the forum owner also refuses to provide details of the scammer like the IP address and email id, so that legal action can be initiated.

The innocent person is put under surveillance for years and details of all the financial assets are revealed to scammers and extortionists, who start making false and unsubstantiated allegations against the innocent person. Free email ids are used to make false and defamatory allegations against the person being framed, to extort money. Unfortunately the free email provider (a giant internet company) is extremely keen to protect the privacy of blackmailers and extortionists, so that legal action can be taken. In the Internet industry, allegations without any proof seem to be most important, facts do not matter.

As more and more extortionists gang up to make false allegations against a innocent person, it becomes increasingly difficult to do business online directly. The reputation of the seller is destroyed. Unfortunately these extortionists are extremely well protected by powerful people. It does not matter that the person has been doing business for more than 11 years, as soon as this gang of criminals find out about the personal assets, they swing into action and implement their master plan to destroy the life of an innocent person. The only other option the hardworking entrepreneur has is to form a company with the lazy, unscrupulous, stupid and greedy wives/girlfriends of the blackmailers and extortionists.

For most business deals Verbal discussions carry very little weightage as they can be easily misinterpreted or forgotten. All agreements are signed by both parties to avoid any disputes at a future date. As a result, it is not very easy to frame a person offline, if he or she is careful enough. Unfortunately, these practices are not followed online, and innocent people are accused and deemed guilty of transactions and crimes they were not even remotely associated with.