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Cunning fraud NTRO employees duping people that they are trying to help the person they hate

One of the greatest frauds and betrayals of a person is when people claim that they are trying to help, when actually these people do everything possible to cause great losses , ruining the reputation and life of the person. For example some people had told the domain investor that her engineering classmates working in ntro were trying to help her, when actually after 7 years, it becomes very clear that these engineering classmates caused great harm and destroyed her life with their careless, greed and excellent acting.
For example one person ( not belonging to the gang pretending to “help”) said that it was very careless and inconsiderate of these ntro employees to stalk a harmless single woman engineer, often living alone, and to circulate her details, photos and videos to people all over india , without her permission or offering her any kind of compensation . This has put her life in great danger and is the worst kind of betrayal
It is time that the ntro employees are honest that they are stalking and circulating photos, videos of a harmless single woman engineer, their btech 1993 ee classmate, because they hate her, wish to destroy her life, and are allowed to waste infinite indian tax payer money, expensive NTRO equipment to do so, without being questioned or held accountable

Passing judgement

How do people judge a contestant in a Miss India or similar beauty contest?
By the way she looks, talks and carrys herself, it is after all a beauty contest.

How do the decision makers judge a lady in a tech industry where she does not need to interface or meet with any customer on a day to day basis?

The right answer: By speaking to her, understanding her knowledge of the technology, how it works, who handles the tech aspects

The obviously incorrect way : Put her under surveillance without her knowledge for years, have a few people stalk her and judge her solely on the way she looks, dresses and talks to non tech persons, without ever giving her a chance to defend herself directly. Nothing is ever done openly, because the people who do so do not have the guts to admit their harassment of a single lady.