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When the betrayal is exposed

ipl bet

Betrayal is not morally correct and most “respectable” individuals realise that they will never be able to openly admit to betraying a person who trusts them. Most companies and individuals will betray their customer or some one who trusts them only because they think that person will not be able to hit back or the betrayal will not be exposed, as this would affect their image as a honourable and trustworthy person.

Unfortunately they do not realise that it is difficult to “fool all the people all the time”. An experienced webmaster had spent large amounts of money with a web hosting company. This web hosting company relied on one particular internet company for verifying the identity of the customer in India. Though the webmaster was a very big customer of the internet company, they falsely introduced their girlfriend (a Kim Kardashian look alike) to the webhosting company as the experienced webmaster. Now this girlfriend had nothing to do with the webmaster, had in fact arlier betrayed the webmaster, by misusing her name behind her back.

So though the webmaster was working hard to earn and spend the money, all credit, introductions and privileges were given to the girlfriend, who was not spending a single penny. So all the contacts and introductions had been stolen, the webmaster found it difficult to get assistance from the web hosting company, and started complaining openly. Now the webhosting company was surprised, they wondered “Why is the person who they had showered privileges on was complaining openly?”.

After an investigation, they found the Indian internet company they had relied on had betrayed the real webmaster and customer, they had introduced their girlfriend as the webmaster, the real webmaster had got nothing at all, despite so many years experience and spending so much money. It exposed the betrayal by both the internet company as well as the girlfriend of the webmaster, the complete lack of values.