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Security and intelligence agencies have given good looking women with thick hair the license to cheat, betray

Many of the problems India faces like banking frauds, losses, jobless growth is because great powers are given to intelligence and security agencies without having any systems in place to prevent the abuse of power for personal gain and hatred
India officially claims to be a democracy where all citizens are equal ., however these powerful government officials are openly indulging in lookism, ageism, and openly discriminate against older ugly citizens especially single women
These hypocrite government employees claim to very worried about honesty, black money, tax evasion, yet when lazy greedy good looking women with thick hair like nayanshree hathwar, riddhi nayak, who looks like actress kangana ranaut, veena who looks like actress deepika padukone, sunaina , siddhi are openly involved in banking fraud, extortion racket, cheat, corporate espionage, blackmail , criminal trespassing, theft of documents, all these crimes are ignored and these women are rewarded with great powers, R&AW/cbi jobs at the expense of the woman they cheated, betrayed
On the other hand, just because a woman is older, not good looking and does not have thick hair, since 2010, these security and intelligence agency employees have been making fake allegations without any legally valid proof, hysterically repeating the lies like parrots, wasting crores of rupees of indian tax payer money in the process.

Fraud NTRO employees betraying female engineering classmate to steal their resume

One of the greatest frauds in India is how shameless fraud NTRO, R&AW, CBI employees are betraying their female engineering classmates, falsely pretending to know them very well to steal their impressive resume for google, tata sponsored GOAN SEX workers, cheater housewives and other frauds to get all these fraud women lucrative R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence jobs with monthly government salary.,
These shameless section 420 fraud NTRO employees like puneet j., j srinivasan, vijay, parmar, patel are least interested in contacting their btech 1993 ee classmate, yet they are putting her under surveillance for 7 years since 2010, falsely claiming they wish to help her and then pasting the photos of their mediocre lazy fraud girlfriend who never answered JEE on the impressive resume of their btech 1993 ee classmate to steal her resume.
If these ntro and indian government employees wish to get jobs for their real girlfriends, they should be honest that their real girlfriends are only mediocre lazy greedy goan sex workers, cheater housewives, blackmailers and frauds, and get them jobs accordingly
These ntro and indian government employees have no right to falsely claim that their mediocre lazy greedy girlfriends and relatives have the impressive resume, investment and work ethic of their btech 1993 ee classmate, a obc single woman engineer, who these top officials hated , and have sexually harassed for more than 7 years since 2010
The NTRO, R&AW, CBI, indian government employees forget the old saying that no one is perfect, and they should be honest that their google, tata sponsored sex worker, cheater housewife and other fraud relatives and friends in R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence agencies did not answer JEE, did not get a btech 1993 ee degree, did not work as an engineer, have not invested money online, and do not do any work online.
For many more years will this tata, google, masterminded identity theft fraud similar to the Aamir Khan starrer “3 Idiots” continue?

The importance of reporting sexual violence

Though officially women have equal rights in India, in reality most indian men treat them as second class citizens. Education does not change the attitude of indian men, with engineers from the best engineering colleges, working in intelligence, security agencies, ruthless in sexually harassing, torturing their harmless female engineering classmate for years, wasting indian tax payer money making fake allegations without proof, out of jealousy, hatred, greed.

In some cases, women are accomplices to powerful men in the sexual violence against harmless women, as these fraud women want to exploit the sexually harassed woman to become rich and powerful overnight. In a news item which has been extensively documented online yet neglected by the mainstream media , the goan sex bribe givers, slim goan obc slut bsc sunaina, goan gsb fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, goan gsb fraud housewife riddhi, bengaluru shivalli brahmin cheater housewife bbm nayanshree hathwar, asmita patel,veena, ruchika, naina and their associates are involved in the daily torture of a harmless single woman obc engineer to cover up the great impersonation fraud, wherein these fraud women have allegedly got lucrative jobs in R&AW faking their resume.

Increasingly officials in intelligence and security agencies are using hitech invisible radiation weapons to sexually harass and torture vulnerable women who they hate. It remains difficult to report this hitech torture, sexual harassment as the police will need physical proof of the damage, and medical professionals will refuse to acknowledge the torture. However it is always advisable to atleast keep a record and try to report the sexual violence a woman will face for a number of reasons:
-Any kind of sexual harassment or violence remains an extremely unpleasant experience for a woman, which can leave her traumatized, difficult to focus on her work or studies, be productive . If she will keep quiet, the person who sexually harassed or violated her, will be encouraged by the fact that he remains unaffected, and sexually harass or violate her again resulting in a never ending cycle of abuse and harassment. Reporting the sexual violence may ensure that the abuse or harassment will end.

– Reporting the person involved in the sexual violence or harassment will ensure that others are aware of his or her misdeeds so that they can be careful while dealing with the person, especially when young women and children are involved. In some cases, officials in NTRO, R&AW, CBi, security agencies may be involved in sexual harassment using hitech invisible radiation weapons, reporting may help victims rally together to get legal aid.

– Most women who are sexually harassed or violated in India do not report the incident fearing that their reputation will be adversely affected. However this allows the men who indulge in sexual violence to be free, without their reputation, career getting affected, and these men may commit sexual violence on another vulnerable person. Reporting the incident will ensure that other victims of sexual violence will find the courage and support system to report their own trauma to the law enforcement agencies and try to get justice. Today indian society the victim is expected to feel ashamed and reporting the crime will hopefully change the attitude, the person commiting sexual violence should feel ashamed and be punished.

In some cases, where officials involved in sexual violence and harassment like the relatives and friends of bengaluru shivalli brahmin cheater housewife, r&AW employee bbm nayanshree hathwar, slim goan obc sex bribe giver bsc sunaina, pritesh are allegedly bribed by corporates, it remains difficult for the victim to get justice or any kind of legal help, However keeping detailed records will help the investors and officials worldwide to know of the difficult conditions for women in India.

The post was originally written for amnesty international, blogadda, yet because it was exposing a major sex, cheating and human rights abuses scandal, it was rejected, indicating the high level of censorship in India. Officials involved in sex, cheating and torture scandal are ruthless in deleting any information related to their vyapam type fraud.

Call girls and cheaters goddesses for top officials

The government has banned the documentary ‘India’s daughter’ yet the same government has some extremely powerful officials whose attitude towards women remains far worse than the uneducated murderers, rapist and lawyers who have been widely criticized. These officials have studied in the top engineering colleges in the country, are wealthy, directors of top companies, so powerful that they cannot be held accountable under RTI , and can order surveillance , diversion of correspondence of harmless civilians without a court order. Yet the damage which they caused to their innocent harmless engineering college classmate, a single woman would leave people shocked at the lack of humanity, morals and honesty

The indian internet sector has developed a unique way of defaming humiliating exploiting and cheati of defaming humiliating exploiting and cheating experienced women webmasters, domain investors, engineers and online exporters, especially if the officials are allegedly bribed by large corporates, especially google, tata and paypal. These are extremely powerful officials, who can remain anonymous, cannot be held accountable under RTI, have more powers that even the police, yet they commit very great frauds while pretending to be very honest saints who can do no wrong

Some of the most powerful officials in the indian internet sector are extremely dishonest shameless frauds with zero integrity and morals though they have a high status, are considered respectable. Their engineering college classmate was an experienced engineer, webmaster, domain investor, online exporter and they falsely claimed to know her very well to exploit, cheat her and also the companies who wanted to contact her. In reality these cunning dishonest men, do not even want to speak or reply to her yet have brutally exploited her in a manner which would leave people shocked, worse that rapist who exploit women, The rapist will exploit a woman only for a few hours, these officials have mentally, professionally, financially raped a woman for years wasting indian tax payer money .

These officials will play an extremely cheap fraud on their engineering college classmate, a vulnerable single woman, after putting her under surveillance to find out everything about her,wasting indian tax payer money. They will falsely claim that all mediocre lazy greedy women who cheat their engineering college classmate , who they are infatuated with, or who sleep with them have the engineering degree, experience, investment, skills, of their engineering college classmate, who they hate, to appoint these fraud women to important government jobs with great powers at the expense of their honest hardworking classmate.

In top engineering colleges in the country, the number of women will be very less hence it will be very difficult to fight their dishonest male classmates who abuse their powers to exploit and bully their vulnerable female classmate. These men are willing to falsely claim that greedy lazy fraud women half their age, who act like free call girls, sleeping with these powerful officials were their engineering college classmate,. These greedy men have also stolen the retirement savings of their engineering college classmate, without a court order, to blackmail her to force her to accept an extremely unfair arrangement, waste her time and money searching for her hard earnd money.

The worst case has been the ruthless inexperienced cheater liar goan diploma holder siddhi mandrekar in her early twenties, who has commited corporate espionage on an experienced webmaster, with the help of her powerful friends and relatives and steals data daily. For her crime, an extremely powerful official in the indian internet sector has falsely claimed that she was his experienced 1993 graduate engineering college classmate from Mumbai to appoint her to an important government job at the expense of his classmate who the fraud siddhi cheated .

Allegedly the ruthless siddhi, sleeps with the most powerful officials in the indian internet sector, who are then willing to overlook all her frauds and give her great powers in exchange for sexual favors. These dishonest officials also falsely claim that the cheater siddhi owns the online export business of the webmaster she cheated, when she does not spend a single paisa or do any work, Today the webmaster finds that all her correspondence has been routed through the cheater siddhi, even if she tries to contact a lawyer like naina k*** law, the ruthless cheater siddhi will falsely claim that a criminal lawyer will be needed for a harmless innocent engineer, who never faced any problem before she was falsely defamed by her classmates,

Similarly shivalli brahmin housewife nayanshree hathwar, wife of guruprasad hathwar, former tata power employee, cheated the single woman engineer of more than Rs 1.1 lakh to build a new house in bangalore. Yet for the fraud an extremely powerful official in the indian internet sector has falsely claimed that she was his experienced 1993 graduate engineering college classmate from Mumbai to appoint her to an important government job at the expense of his classmate who she cheated. Now the bangalore cybercrime has refused to take legal action due to the fake references of the powerful official, and the single woman engineer has been denied opportunities she deserved . In reality the extremely mediocre nayanshree has no engineering degree or experience, yet has got a permanent government job with a good salary, faking experience, engineering degree as reward for cheating and because she is a well connected brahmin

In a third case, another powerful official J who allegedly sexually harassed the single woman has falsely claimed that lazy greedy inexperienced slim bsc sunaina was his experienced 1993 graduate engineering college classmate from Mumbai to appoint her to an important government job at the expense of his classmate who he harassed and defamed . His classmate has invested a large amount online, yet the fraud official falsely claims that his lazy greedy friend sunaina has made all the payment to get her great powers. In reality the lazy greedy sunaina has not spent a single paisa online or done any work, yet has been given credit as she allegedly sleeps with powerful officials . There are other mediocre greedy cheater women who have similarly rewarded for lies and cheating

If women were treated properly with respect in India, officials would never think of falsely claiming that inexperienced lazy greedy cheater women like siddhi, nayanshree, sunaina had engineering degrees, twenty years experience to fraudulently appoint these mediocre cheaters to important governmemt jobs .
How is the harmless single woman engineer, whose retirement savings stolen by government officials without a court order, resume has been stolen by greedy frauds and call girls, whose career has been ruined, different from the numerous women victims in India
How are her engineering college classmates who give fake references of an engineering degree, her experience to call girls and cheaters different from rapist who exploit women.
Why does the government keep the retirement savings of a harmless civilian single woman engineer, without a court order, shed crocodile tears faking concern for women and falsely claim that it treats women well
How is the goan diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, rewarded for corporate espionage, brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, different from the juvenile rapist widely criticized, who will remain unpunished for their crimes. In fact by appointing the ruthless greedy cheaters nayanshree and siddhi to important government jobs for cheating, these mediocre fraud women and the rapist men who hide behind these fraud women , have been given the license to rape innocent women wasting indian tax payer money for the rest of their life,

Ironically the frauds siddhi and nayanshree has been rewarded for her crime and the experienced, honest engineer has been punished further for trusting the greedy cunning siddhi, indicating that cheaters, liars and call girls like siddhi,sunaina, nayanshree are goddesses for the most powerful officials in the indian internet sector .
These goddesses for the top officials do not have to work hard for their engineering degree like most engineers in the country, to get admission, study for 4 years, they get references of an engineering degree , overnight as reward for cheating and sexual favors
These goddesses for top officials do not have to work honestly and hard for twenty years to build a professional reputation, they only have to commit corporate espionage, sleep with powerful officials to get references of twenty years professional experience
When the most powerful officials worship these fraud goddesses, and their fraud has become well known online, why ban documentaries reflecting the harsh reality of the status of women in India. Change the mindset of people towards women, do not pamper and reward cheater lazy greedy cheater women like siddhi, nayanshree with top government jobs, faking experience,
When mediocre lazy greedy frauds like goan siddhi mandrekar and nayanshree are rewarded for cheating and sexual favors , they become role models for other women, and others try to follow their footstep, using the casting couch, cheating and lies as a shortcut to success.

Already the fraud of these greedy lazy cheater women siddhi mandrekar, nayanshree, sunaina and others has become well known online though officials in the indian internet sector are trying their best to censor all negative news about the fraud women who are goddesses for the powerful officials. The officials should realize that a woman will be worshipped as a goddess only when she is honest and has achieved something on her own, not a ruthless greedy lazy cheater who has used unethical means to get great powers, which she did not deserve.

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No protection for women harassed by powerful men

The brutal murder of the 19 year old Meenakshi in Delhi on July 17, 2015, has again highlighted the harsh reality of indian society that a woman being harassed, defamed or exploited by powerful men finds it difficult to get any help in the long term. Complaining does not help , as these men will take revenge, often violent for protesting. Though there were approx 50 people in the vicinity, no one helped the young woman when she was being attacked.

The webmaster has also faced the same problem has been ruthlessly defamed, cheated, harassed and exploited by powerful officials, mostly working in security and intelligence agencies. When she will complain , these powerful men including some of her powerful engineering college classmates working in intelligence agencies, will waste tax payer money to punish her with the most sophisticated invisible directed energy weapons in the country causing great pain, memory loss, leaving her crippled.

The organizations, lawyers and activist which the media claims help women in distress will refuse to take up the matter, especially when powerful officials and companies are involved. These activists and lawyers will only take up relatively minor cases like domestic violence, dowry, maintenance after divorce, infidelity. To ensure that the women suffering do not get help, powerful officials will only ensure that their mediocre dishonest puppet will be appointed to positions of power reserved for women .

So though officially women are guaranteed equal rights, they will find it difficult to get any help as indian society will betray women due to the lack of support system, protection and powerful men are free to attack, exploit them repeatedly. Independent women who are not puppets of powerful men find it difficult to flourish in India

How corporate culture betrayed indian women


Increasingly if a woman has to be successful in the corporate world in India, she will have to lead a very westernized lifestyle and may have to use the casting couch. If she does not lead a westernized lifestyle, however competent she may be at her work, she will be sidelined and not get what she deserved.

The fact that drinking ballantine’s whisky was the preferred way for Jahnavi Gadkar , (Reliance VP legal, who was later involved in a fatal accident)to celebrate her success indicates the drastic change in the lifestyle of Indian working women. A decade ago, a woman professional would celebrate with eating food or some entertainment, mostly with her family at home.

It is not known who has influenced or pulled off the great change in Indian corporate culture for women in a short span of time. However, it has been very unfair to a vast majority of indian women who are professionally competent, yet find that they are getting a raw deal, as inexperience mediocre women are preferred at their expense, because these mediocre women conform to a westernized lifestyle

Worst job in India for women

Though Google may pay lip service to wanting more women to use the internet in india, in reality google and other companies have allegedly ensured that working online is the worst profession for honest, hardworking experienced webmasters in india and great for greedy cheater young women, mediocre cheater housewives, and other fraud women who want to get an important government job with a salary and pension for the rest of their lives despite having no knowledge, investment or skills, while the experienced webmaster whose experience, investment has been used to get these frauds, lucrative government jobs will get nothing.

Despite spending large amount of money online, powerful officials and companies will intentionally deny information to the domain investor/webmaster that the internet is closely connected to intelligence agencies and other details, despite making repeated request for the same, the same information will be readily to all cheater young women who falsely claim to be associated with the webmaster.

Though these shameless powerful officials will refuse to provide information to the experienced webmaster intentionally to cause great mental stress, forcing her to make mistakes, they will shameless misuse the name of the webmaster, behind her back, causing her many problems, as their many enemies will attack her, who would have never harmed her otherwise. When they do not even want to talk her, why claim to be associated with her and ruin her life? Even today, these men refuse to acknowledge their mistake in using the name of a person they never spoke to or have communicated with.

Powerful officials in the government will steal your savings of twenty years without a valid reason, after defaming and putting the woman under surveillance for many years. Allegedly the savings are stolen to force the experienced webmaster and engineer to agree to identity theft.

powerful officials will falsely claim that their cheater young inexperienced girlfriends have twenty years experience of a very experienced webmaster and engineer to appoint them to very important government jobs with great powers at the expense of the experienced engineer and webmaster who will get nothing. In the engineering, medical, financial sector such a fraud would never be tolerated or an official would never dared to behave in this manner, as it would mean cheating the government and also the experienced woman,but the officials in the indian internet sector are completely shameless and do not think they have done anything wrong. Hence an honest hardworking woman should think twice before spending time and money in an online career , as officials will falsely attribute her expertise to their young lazy cheater girlfriends who actually do not know anything, have no experience, have not spent any money online and these cheater girlfriends will get the governnment job, salary, pension and great powers, while the expert will get nothing and has to struggle to expose the fraud, wasting time and money.

corporate espionage would mean the end of the career for a professional, but in the indian internet sector a young ruthless criminal fraud who commits corporate espionage on an experienced webmaster, will be rewarded with a very important government job at the expense of the victim with fake references of experience of the webmaster she cheated. The greedy criminal fraud who commits corporate espionage would have never got the job on the basis of her OWN EXPERIENCE

in any other sector, a person who has invested more than Rs 1 crore will be acknowledged, but in the indian internet sector the shameless dishonest powerful official will falsely claim that a lazy young bsc or fraud medical electronics diploma holder from goa who the official is infatuated with, a stock broker, cheater housewives, are the domain investor to appoint these cheater women, who have not spent a single paisa online, to important government jobs with good salary, pension falsely claiming that these women are domain investors, while the real domain investor will get nothing.

the powerful dishonest cruel officials are the most shameless creatures in the world with massive egos, zero humanity or morals, who will never acknowledge their mistake, that they have no right to give fake references of experience, investmentm, qualifications, skills to their inexperienced mediocre girlfriends they are infatuated with. These cowardly fraud officials can conveniently remain anonymous and never have to justify their fraud in an open debate, due to the lack of transparency in the indian internet sector. they think that just because they are infatuated with a lazy young slim bsc pass she will become a btech from IIT bombay 1993 overnight, by giving the bsc fake references of qualification, experience, investment and no one will question the official on his great fraud.

Bangalore cybercrime will refuse to take action against known cheater housewives like nayanshree hathwar, wife of guruprasad hathwar, a former tata power employee,. despite providing all evidence of fraud and theft of emails, while innocent people are ruthlessly defamed by powerful officials without proof. Allegedly powerful officials in the indian internet sector have fraudulently claimed that the cheater nayanshree hathwar was an experienced engineer from IIT Bombay 1993, when actually the mediocre cheater housewife nayanshree would have never got admission to IIT , to ensure that bangalore cybercrime does not take action against the cheater while the single woman engineer who has been ruthlessly cheated, exploited by the greedy fraud nayanshree hathwar and her gang of more than Rs 1,1 lakh was actually the engineer from IIT.
thus mediocre cheater housewives like nayanshree hathwar, who cannot even write in proper english will appear to acquire an IIT degree overnight, for bangalore cybercrime, if she and the gang of cowardly men hiding behind her, if they managed to cheat an IIT engineer a single woman of her hard earned money. The cruel and greedy Nayanshree hathwar’s criminal gang is particularly dangerous as they have been allegedly also involved in food poisoning attempt on the webmaster, but are extremely well protected allegedly by Google,Tata, Paypal and other internet companies who consider the cheater fraud nayanshree hathwar a heroine for her fraud, and cybercrime.
Can anyone from Google explain why mediocre greedy ungrateful cheater nayanshree hathwar has been very well protected by Google, given credit for her victim’s revenue without doing anything, why the single woman engineer looted by nayanshree has to tolerate the fraud, cheating and exploitation by a mediocre lazy liar, for the rest of her life.

Thus for a woman engineer who has worked hard to get admission and a degree from IIT, the indian internet sector will be particularly dangerous and fraud ridden, as powerful officials and jealous classmates will manage to claim that every fraud woman who cheats, exploits and betrays her will have her iit degree to give the inexperienced cheater fraud a very important government job with a salary, pension only because the officials are able to fake the IIT engineers experience, qualification, investment and skills, while the real IIT engineer will nothing, and her emails will stolen by all the frauds. In the indian internet sector no verification will be carried out of the actual skills, knowledge, experience or even age of women who are appointed to very important government jobs.

the mediocre greedy cruel fraud call girls, cheaters, liar fraudulently appointed to a very important government job in the internet sector, now has access to confidential information, expensive equipment that allows her and associates to hack the laptop of the experienced webmaster who has been cheated by the call girl, cheater housewives, and repeatedly hack the laptop, wasting many hours of the webmasters time,

All important correspondence, emails, phone calls,smes, postal mail, of the experienced webmaster and domain investor will be stolen/diverted by the fraud young girlfriends of powerful officials without a valid reason, so that they can become rich and powerful overnight,

Thus in any other sector, an honest woman who has worked hard, with experience and expertise will be respected, but if the same woman works in the indian internet sector, she will be ruthlessly defamed, exploited, cheated, her retirement savings stolen, and every mediocre lazy inexperienced call girl, fraud, cheater and liar who betrays her will be the heroine to the indian internet industry, appointed to some of the most important jobs in the internet sector, with fake references of experience, investment, skills and qualification.

Some names have not been provided , but we can provide the facebook profile and photo of the mother of goa’s cruel greedy medical electronics diploma holder who has commited corporate espionage on the webmaster, and now holds very important job in the indian internet sector with fake references of experience, Her mother claimed that they were very honourable and respectable, but her greedy cheater daughter has pulled of one of the greatest frauds in the world and continues to run amok. The publisher can also provide the address, name of goa’s lazy slim 2013 bsc pass who powerful officials in india’s internet sector falsely claim to have got IIT Bombay 1993 degree and have fraudulently appointed to an important government job, for stalking and spying on their classmate who these dishonest powerful men are jealous of and hate, the mediocre bsc graduate would have never ever got admission to IIT