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A posh home to improve your social status

Increasingly in India only contacts matter, and if people feel that the person does not have a good social status, they are more likely to betray the person for personal gain, as they feel they will remain unpunished. For example, the goan fraud siddhi mandrekar, who later commited corporate espionage on the webmaster, had a look at the room, and indirectly implied that her powerful family, friends would not recognize the webmaster as they associated with people with posh and well maintained homes. Increasingly the home is the most important indicator of the social status for the most powerful people in society in India, who do not consider other factors like the education, professional knowledge, expertise or personal ethics.

Though everyone may want a posh home, maintenance of the home can be time consuming and difficult, especially if a person is living alone, elderly and finds it difficult to get reliable domestic help. Hence it is recommended that these factors are considered while decorating a home or room. A well designed room will take into account the main activities in the room , colour preferences as well as environmental factors, like the dust which will enter the room, high radiation levels, rainfall, sunlight, ventilation required, climatic conditions.

Increasingly for stakeholders in the indian internet sector like webmasters, bloggers and domain investors, hidden wifi network are used to hack the laptop using hidden backdoors and steal confidential data. High levels of radiation can also cause memory loss,headache, insomnia and great pain, making it difficult for the person to do any work at all, adversely affecting the productivity. Hence the dream room should have radiation shielding wall paper and curtains which will attenuate the high power radiation signals to some extent. Special radiation shielding fabrics and wall paper are available with specialized firms

Another major problem faced by relatively well off domain investors, webmasters in the indian internet sector, is that powerful intelligence and security agency officials will break into their house repeatedly and steal documents and other items they choose, for identity theft. This can be very inconvenient for the domain investor as they waste a lot of time searching for some missing item, which cunning officials falsely claim were misplaced, when they have taken these items, These officials have high tech tools to tamper with the lock or master keys which can open any lock.

So the design of the house should include suitable surveillance equipment, provision for hiding it, which will keep a record of who has entered the room, and tampered with the items in the house, Knowing that their activities are being recorded will make it less likely for the officials to break into a house and steal whatever they feel like.
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Break up after betrayal

Even a superficial relationship like a friendship takes a lot of time and effort on the part of all those involved. In case of dating or boyfriend girlfriend relationship the emotional investment will be far greater, especially when one of the persons is serious about the relationship. However there are many people, especially powerful men and good looking charming women who get into a relationship for short term gains. For the relation to sustain for a long time , the individuals should share common values and interests, otherwise they will break up in a few weeks or months.

The pepsi ipl ad break up is one of the finalist among the many videos uploaded at the #CrashThePepsiIPL gallery. It shows an upset man dealing with the aftermath of a break up with his girlfriends. He seems to be very upset , recalling their relationship in great det , recalling their relationship in great detail and how they broke up. The main actor is a typical middle class indian, young, slightly chubby, who will trust people. Often people who are betrayed in a relationship and break up are depressed. Drinking Pepsi helps the hero of the ad overcome his break up and start life afresh, instead of quietly enduring an abusive/unhappy relationship

The break up also reflects the increasing lack of morals and values among many young women today, who will enter into a relationship for short term gains. So if a young woman feels that dating or sleeping with a powerful or well connected or being friends with a man will help her financially or professionally, she will have no qualms doing so. Some best known examples online in india are goan vvip call girls siddhi mandrekar,bsc sunaina, good looking well connected cheaters bangalore housewife nayanshree hathwar, goan riddhi, who have got lucrative government jobs faking the impressive resume their powerful fraud friends have stolen from a vulnerable obc single woman engineer .

These greedy lazy cunning women like siddhi mandrekar, nayanshree, sunaina, ruchika and riddhi have no qualms betraying, cheating and exploiting any one who will make the mistake of trusting them. Depending on the strength of the relationship and extent of their infatuation, their boyfriends may tolerate the treachery for some time . However every betrayal kills a part of the person, trust in human nature and will affect the relationship. So in a way, though very painful for the person emotionally attached, the break up will be beneficial in the long run.


Kindly note that the online publisher has faced great financial losses in the last few years because
Powerful officials educated in the top engineering colleges of the country, behaving like illiterate village gossips have viciously defamed the webmaster, making false allegations without proof against the innocent webmaster and being extremely cruel and inhuman robots, refused to offer compensation for the damage caused to an innocent person
the retirement savings of twenty years of the webmaster have been stolen by these officials without a court order or valid reason.
bangalore’s cheater Shivalli Brahmin housewife nayanshree hathwar, wife of guruprasad,MIT 2000, tata power employee has cheated the single woman obc engineer of more than Rs 1.1 lakh, and instead of being punished for her crime, returning the money, has been rewarded with the license to cheat without being punished for the rest of her life for her fraud on a single woman
Other women like diploma holder siddhi mandrekar have commited corporate espionage, and powerful dishonest greedy officials are allegedly falsely claiming that cheater siddhi mandrekar, slim cunning liar bsc sunaina chodan from goa , stock broker asmita patel, veena, ruchika, riddhi nayak, school dropout eighth standard pass sindhi scammer housewife naina, deepika, nayanshree hathwar and others own the website, when these women do not spend a single paisa on the business expenses, to get these women great powers, government jobs at the expense of the webmaster who has got nothing, only has to pay the bills..
Google has boycotted the websites of the webmaster to destroy competition, reducing advertising revenues after allegedly instigating officials to harass her as detailed above wasting indian tax payer money. Mail from competition commission of India can be provided to anyone interested .
Hence any advertising or contribution to cover expenses of the real online publisher/blogger will be greatly appreciated


How Google and Tata group rewarded content fraud in India

Refer to for more details.

Google and Tata group have shown a singular committment to encourage corruption, sleaze and fraud in the indian internet industry rewarding content fraud. When an online exporter was earning revenue from exports, the tata group and google subjected her to an extremely malicious defamation and slander campaign, falsely alleging that the business was illegal. The exporter was terrorised into paying her hard earned money to various women including nayanshree hathwar, wife of a tata group executive guruprasad hathwar. she paid so much money to the nayanshree hathwar, that nayanshree was able to buy a new house in bangalore.

Later on the exporter found out that the content provided by nayanshree did not pass copyscape, it had been probably resold. All efforts by the exporter to contact nayanshree failed, as now nayanshree conveniently refused to reply to emails. Parallely the exporter found that nayanshree and her gang had been rewarded with control of all indian content websites by google and the tata group , because they successfully faked concern for the exporter, when in reality they did not care for her at all.

It is ironic that the group who is guilty of content fraud, could not submit content that passes copyscape, are rewarded with control of all content sites for Indians. Like all corrupt individuals with no morals, nayanshree and her gang are abusing their powers to harass all genuine and honest indian content providers, denying opportunities to them, making it difficult to earn a living.

The exporter who was cruelly cheated by greedy nayanshree and her gang is the worst affected, as nayanshree’s gang (who has the complete support of the Tata and Google gang) is working overtime to cause her losses. When she submits content to a content websites, the cheater gang will reject the content by giving flimsy excuses. However, this same rejected content will be reused elsewhere, so effectively the writer is working for free, because of the fraud by nayanshree’s cheater gang.

There is no transparency or redressal mechanism for the exporter who has been viciously cheated and now is harassed by nayanshree’s cheater gang, who make it difficult for the exporter to earn a living, with the blessings of google and tata group for their fraud,.

Different online trading programs

People are always looking for easy ways to make money from the comfort of their homes, and online trading is the most popular option for online money making.
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Losing belly fat

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Affiliate marketing and online trading

Some of the most popular ways to make money online are through affiliate marketing, selling popular digital products and earning a commission on the sale of these products and through online trading.

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Money making programs

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Themelark wordpress theme

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