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Ashneer Grover, Bharat Pe case shows that betrayal is common in India

Online business owners who are sole proprietors are often harassed if they do not have a partner,yet the fact is that relationships change rapidly in india,and it is difficult to trust anyone. According to newspaper reports, Bharat Pe ceo commented that Ashneer Grover had stolen money, so there was no money to pay employees. In india, young people are being encourage to defame, cheat and exploit others, especially those who are older since ageism is widespread.
For example, greedy goan scammer siddhi mandrekar committed corporate espionage on the domain investor, haryana mba hr ruchika kinge, bengaluru brahmin cheater nayanshree, also refused to reply, after their real boyfriends, relatives stole the retirement savings of the domain investor, without a legally valid reason. Yet for the last 10 years they are getting government salaries for falsely claiming to own the bank account of the single woman, in a clear case of government SLAVERY.