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Worst job in India for women

Though Google may pay lip service to wanting more women to use the internet in india, in reality google and other companies have allegedly ensured that working online is the worst profession for honest, hardworking experienced webmasters in india and great for greedy cheater young women, mediocre cheater housewives, and other fraud women who want to get an important government job with a salary and pension for the rest of their lives despite having no knowledge, investment or skills, while the experienced webmaster whose experience, investment has been used to get these frauds, lucrative government jobs will get nothing.

Despite spending large amount of money online, powerful officials and companies will intentionally deny information to the domain investor/webmaster that the internet is closely connected to intelligence agencies and other details, despite making repeated request for the same, the same information will be readily to all cheater young women who falsely claim to be associated with the webmaster.

Though these shameless powerful officials will refuse to provide information to the experienced webmaster intentionally to cause great mental stress, forcing her to make mistakes, they will shameless misuse the name of the webmaster, behind her back, causing her many problems, as their many enemies will attack her, who would have never harmed her otherwise. When they do not even want to talk her, why claim to be associated with her and ruin her life? Even today, these men refuse to acknowledge their mistake in using the name of a person they never spoke to or have communicated with.

Powerful officials in the government will steal your savings of twenty years without a valid reason, after defaming and putting the woman under surveillance for many years. Allegedly the savings are stolen to force the experienced webmaster and engineer to agree to identity theft.

powerful officials will falsely claim that their cheater young inexperienced girlfriends have twenty years experience of a very experienced webmaster and engineer to appoint them to very important government jobs with great powers at the expense of the experienced engineer and webmaster who will get nothing. In the engineering, medical, financial sector such a fraud would never be tolerated or an official would never dared to behave in this manner, as it would mean cheating the government and also the experienced woman,but the officials in the indian internet sector are completely shameless and do not think they have done anything wrong. Hence an honest hardworking woman should think twice before spending time and money in an online career , as officials will falsely attribute her expertise to their young lazy cheater girlfriends who actually do not know anything, have no experience, have not spent any money online and these cheater girlfriends will get the governnment job, salary, pension and great powers, while the expert will get nothing and has to struggle to expose the fraud, wasting time and money.

corporate espionage would mean the end of the career for a professional, but in the indian internet sector a young ruthless criminal fraud who commits corporate espionage on an experienced webmaster, will be rewarded with a very important government job at the expense of the victim with fake references of experience of the webmaster she cheated. The greedy criminal fraud who commits corporate espionage would have never got the job on the basis of her OWN EXPERIENCE

in any other sector, a person who has invested more than Rs 1 crore will be acknowledged, but in the indian internet sector the shameless dishonest powerful official will falsely claim that a lazy young bsc or fraud medical electronics diploma holder from goa who the official is infatuated with, a stock broker, cheater housewives, are the domain investor to appoint these cheater women, who have not spent a single paisa online, to important government jobs with good salary, pension falsely claiming that these women are domain investors, while the real domain investor will get nothing.

the powerful dishonest cruel officials are the most shameless creatures in the world with massive egos, zero humanity or morals, who will never acknowledge their mistake, that they have no right to give fake references of experience, investmentm, qualifications, skills to their inexperienced mediocre girlfriends they are infatuated with. These cowardly fraud officials can conveniently remain anonymous and never have to justify their fraud in an open debate, due to the lack of transparency in the indian internet sector. they think that just because they are infatuated with a lazy young slim bsc pass she will become a btech from IIT bombay 1993 overnight, by giving the bsc fake references of qualification, experience, investment and no one will question the official on his great fraud.

Bangalore cybercrime will refuse to take action against known cheater housewives like nayanshree hathwar, wife of guruprasad hathwar, a former tata power employee,. despite providing all evidence of fraud and theft of emails, while innocent people are ruthlessly defamed by powerful officials without proof. Allegedly powerful officials in the indian internet sector have fraudulently claimed that the cheater nayanshree hathwar was an experienced engineer from IIT Bombay 1993, when actually the mediocre cheater housewife nayanshree would have never got admission to IIT , to ensure that bangalore cybercrime does not take action against the cheater while the si