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Powerful men do not mind being betrayed by beautiful women like Indrani

The entire sheena bora murder case has highlighted the attitude of powerful men in India towards women, especially beautiful women. If a woman is beautiful, however rich or powerful the man may be, if he is infatuated with the beautiful woman, he will throw caution into the wind and do anything for her. Beautiful women like Indrani Mukherjea know this weakness of powerful men and exploit the fact to get great powers, become rich and powerful overnight.

Media reports indicated that the beautiful indrani mukherjea had as many 4 or 5 husbands/serious relationships, who were infatuated with her and did not mind it when she dumped them for a richer or wealthier or better looking husband to become very rich and powerful overnight. It clear indicated that for powerful men having a beautiful wife or girlfriend is a status symbol and they will forgive all her crimes. The same men will ruthlessly destroy the life of any harmless woman just because she is not good looking enough.

Outlook has reported that she married A. K.Chaudhary from Guwahati initially, yet dumped him after a few months, Then she married or had an affair with Siddharth Das and sheena was her daughter from the relationship. There are rumors that Mikhail Bora was born as a result of a relationship with a wealthy man from Kolkata, and he looks very similar to his father. Sanjeev Khanna was the second official husband, and her youngest daughter Vidhie was born out of the relationship. Peter Mukherjea was the third and last official husband, yet it appears that Indrani was in a relationship or close to some other men.

In the relationship, though Indrani dumped her husbands/boyfriends, it appears that none of them were very upset when she ended the affair or could harm her in any way. Even after a bitter divorce, Sanjeev Khanna was willing to help Indrani murder her daughter. Though details of Indrani’s escapades with her ex husband are well known, Peter Mukherjea continues to pay the considerable legal fees of his wife Indrani . So it appears that in India today, beauty of a woman is all that matters, other qualities like morals, humanity, honesty, loyalty are not considered by the powerful men.
And sometimes like Peter mukherjea they realize their mistake too late.

Why did peter mukherjea ignore the betrayal of indrani?

Till July 2015, peter mukherjea was well known in the media as the high profile ex CEO of Star TV and a photo of him with Indrani Mukherjea was posted in July 2015 online in Mid-day at some exotic location like typical celebrity or Page 3 photos. However once the gory story of sheena bora was exposed by the Mumbai police in August 2015, it appeared that he was either knowingly or unknowingly betrayed by his wife or he was completely ignorant .

From media reports, it appears that Indrani Mukherjea was spending a lot of her time with her ex husband sanjeev khanna both before the sheena bora murder case and after the incident. Most indian men are extremely possessive about their wives and girlfriends, do not like them to flirt with other men, thinking that it will affect their image. Yet peter mukherjea seemed to be either completely ignorant of the the time indrani spent with her ex husband, or ignored the fact that they were spending a lot of time together,

Peter Mukherjea did not bother to object to the time indrani and her ex husband spent together, in fact he was seen with indrani and her exhusband at a function at a place near Kolkata, What was the reason why he ignored the growing closeness between indrani and sanjeev khanna? Allegedly indrani had promised sanjeev khanna that they would share the considerable assets of Peter mukherjea. Reportedly there were a number of disputes between Peter and Indrani Mukherjea

Did Peter mukherjea have complete faith in his wife that she would never betray him? Or did Indrani know some dark secrets of Peter mukherjea, that made it difficult for him to divorce or get separated from her? Only time and the sheena bora chargesheet, trial will tell..