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Why did peter mukherjea ignore the betrayal of indrani?

Till July 2015, peter mukherjea was well known in the media as the high profile ex CEO of Star TV and a photo of him with Indrani Mukherjea was posted in July 2015 online in Mid-day at some exotic location like typical celebrity or Page 3 photos. However once the gory story of sheena bora was exposed by the Mumbai police in August 2015, it appeared that he was either knowingly or unknowingly betrayed by his wife or he was completely ignorant .

From media reports, it appears that Indrani Mukherjea was spending a lot of her time with her ex husband sanjeev khanna both before the sheena bora murder case and after the incident. Most indian men are extremely possessive about their wives and girlfriends, do not like them to flirt with other men, thinking that it will affect their image. Yet peter mukherjea seemed to be either completely ignorant of the the time indrani spent with her ex husband, or ignored the fact that they were spending a lot of time together,

Peter Mukherjea did not bother to object to the time indrani and her ex husband spent together, in fact he was seen with indrani and her exhusband at a function at a place near Kolkata, What was the reason why he ignored the growing closeness between indrani and sanjeev khanna? Allegedly indrani had promised sanjeev khanna that they would share the considerable assets of Peter mukherjea. Reportedly there were a number of disputes between Peter and Indrani Mukherjea

Did Peter mukherjea have complete faith in his wife that she would never betray him? Or did Indrani know some dark secrets of Peter mukherjea, that made it difficult for him to divorce or get separated from her? Only time and the sheena bora chargesheet, trial will tell..