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Well connected people get away with betrayal, crime

While the media seems to be surprised that Indrani Mukherjea remained unpunished for so long, they do not know that due to material and changes in Indian society, there may be many other well connected people like indrani mukherjea who are getting with their crimes like murder, attempt to murder, betrayal and lies, without their reputation and career getting affected.
Due to social attitudes in India especially in the last few years increasing well connected people are getting away unpunished for their crimes. While a wealthy person like indrani mukherjea may get caught, the greatest frauds are allegedly in the indian intelligence agencies like cbi, r&AW, ntro,
For example the well connected goan diploma holder siddhi mandrekar commited corporate espionage on an obc engineer, domain investor who made the mistake of trusting her, and for her act of betrayal she was alegedly rewarded with a top job in intelligence agencies, falsely claiming the inexperienced siddhi had the impressive resume of the woman she cheated . Today she holds her victim a virtual prisoner.
Another example of a well connected fraud was shivalli brahmin cheater nayanshree who looted the obc engineer of more than Rs 1.1 lakh, and for the fraud, she was alegedly rewarded with a top job in intelligence agencies, falsely claiming the inexperienced nayanshree had the impressive resume of the woman she cheated . Today she holds her victim a virtual prisoner.
The police refuse to take action against these cheaters despite complaining indicating that like indrani mukherjea, well connected people get away with betrayal and crime.

So any person who has been betrayed by a well connected person cannot hope to get justice in India today, unless he or she is very lucky. Usually well connected people can betray any person who trusts them without their career or reputation getting affected.

Live entertainment to build trust

Doing business or even being friends with a complete stranger can be risky if you do not know the person well, he or she can betray you any time without feeling any guilt at all and without suffering from the consequences, socially and professionally . Hence it is advisable to spend some time with a person before deciding to deal with him or her to understand the true character of the person. In a business environment the person will be on his or her guard and show their best side, making it difficult to judge or predict whether the person will be honest and reliable in the long term.

Hence it is advisable to spend some time with the person in a more informal surroundings before dealing with the individual professionally or personally. Eating out at a restaurant either for lunch or dinner is a good way to know a person better and selecting a well known restaurant with live entertainment will be a good way to build trust. Often popular restaurants have live music and dance performances to entertain their customers. Popular singers like Anushka Manchanda will entertain the customers in the restaurant with their latest popular songs, helping them relax over food .

Though recorded and televized performances are available easily today, nothing can match a live performance by a singer or dancer in terms of entertainment value . Pop singers like Anushka Manchanda, have a wide range of songs to cater to their audience of different backgrounds. In some cases, they may also agree to sing songs which members of the audience may request. Seeing the person react to the presence of a celebrity singer, how he or she will react will also help to gauge the character of the person. Some people will behave nicely if the person is well known or high profile, and ruthlessly exploit those who they feel are vulnerable

Dance performances are also a part of the entertainment which many restaurants are providing today. Instead of going to the theater or cinema for entertainment and then eating out, the entire experience can be combined at the restaurant. Though movies and Tv shows have dancers executing difficult moves, these are often manipulated using special effects and equipment available. Watching the Dancing sensation and telegu actor Allu Arjun perform live in a restaurant will be a different experience altogether. He may perform to recorded music or to the live music provided by the singer Anushka Manchanda.
So before trusting a person for business or personal life taking them to restaurant with a life performance of Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun to accurately gauge their character, will help you understand the person well, and prevent a nasty betrayal in future.

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Kindness that destroyed my life – I


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Most people feel obliged to those who helped them get a job or work, however being kind to a cunning fraud housewife destroyed my life . This is a true story of how the shivalli brahmin bangalore cheater housewife nayanshreee hathwar, wife of guruprasad hathwar, former tata power special electronics division employee cheated, exploited and stole the resume of a single woman engineer who made the mistake of being kind and trusting the cunning ungrateful medicre brahmin cheater
I have a work at home website, and I was outsourcing content work to various freelancers. Nayanshree hathwar whose husband was working in tata power, mumbai and living in marol, andheri was one of the many who asked for work, I took pity on her and gave her work.Initially she was very prompt in replying , and grateful for the work given. She must have earned a lot of money, using the work to get more money from others. She also sent an invitation for the new house near florence high school  bangalore which she and her husband built with the money she got from me.

Later I found that the content she had provided did not pass copyscape, the rates she had charged were extremely high and for original content. However, she had cunningly sold the content to multiple buyers. After pocketing more than Rs 1,1 lakh, she now conveniently ignores all emails, smses trying to contact her or even get a clarification. She also appears to have a powerful gang of hackers and officials hiding behind her who specialize in sexually harassing, defaming, cheating and deleting files from the laptop of an engineer whose resume they want to steal for the mediocre lazy greedy cheater nayanshree.

I also did not know that my cunning powerful engineering college classmate P was infatuated with the good looking nayanshree for years. He cunningly pretended to know me very well so that he could shameless misuse my name, steal my resume for his darling nayanshree to get her a very lucrative governmemt job at my expense. Using the money that was paid to her as proof for copied work, he falsely claimed that she had done all the content work for my many websites, to get her a very lucrative government job controlling all export content in India . Today after exploiting me to the fullest extent to steal my resume and get very lucrative government jobs for his various mediocre girlfriends at my expense , the cunning cruel P refused to even reply.

Today the cunning semi literate brahmin cheater nayanshree who cannot even write in proper english , has no engineering degree , has supplied content which does not pass copyscape cheating an engineer of her hard earned money, has great powers over content in India and also has stolen the resume of an experienced engineer to get a very lucrative government job with the help of her powerful cunning cruel boyfriend P. She has become a walking talking symbol of the rot and corruption in the indian internet sector, how important jobs are reserved for well connected mediocre cheater brahmins who specialize in stealing the resume of experienced engineers .
Allegedly google, tata, paypal are supporting , protecting and rewarding the lazy greedy mediocre well connected cheater brahmin nayanshree hathwar with her stolen resume,. Today I find that all opportunities I deserved are stolen by the greedy cheater nayanshree, even magazines which I subscribe to are allegedly stolen by the google, tata sponsored brahmin cheater nayanshree who appears to have got the license to cheat without being punished. Due to open CASTEISM in india Bangalore cybercrime refused to take action against the brahmin cheater nayanshree , despite providing all proof. Even at Indiblogger the account/blog was approved, later they were disabled giving flimsy excuses allegedly due to the powerful companies and officials sponsoring cheater nayanshree.

These companies, officials and the hathwar clan have proved to be extremely inhuman greedy cheater frauds who pay lip service to corporate ethics, morals yet have no qualms ruthlessly cheating, exploiting and stealing a vulnerable harmless single woman engineer after sexually harassing her for years

My kindness to the cunning ungrateful bangalore BRAHMIN housewife nayanshreee was magic for her as she not could build a new house in bangalore with the money she ruthlessly looted from me, allegedly with the help of tata, google, paypal, the extremely mediocre housewife got a very lucrative government job in intelligence agencies stealing my resume, engineering degree, without knowing the abc of engineering due to casteism in India . Thus being kind to the ungrateful fraud brahmin housewife nayanshree hathwar, wife of guruprasad has proved to be the greatest mistake in my life
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Names may have changed, resemblance to any person is purely coincidental

No payment was received from Snapdeal or any company till date because allegedly Google, Tata, Paypal are treating the bengaluru brahmin fraud nayanshree hathwar as a heroine for her section 420 cheating of a brilliant OBC engineer and have allegedly rewarded the shivalli brahmin cheater with a permanent job in R&AW for her fraud and complete lack of ethics, humanity


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Insurance against betrayal

Most people in India work hard to save money for their old age as they will not receive any pension if they are not government employees. However, due to casteism in India, people who are not well connected will find that their retirement savings of twenty years are stolen by government officials mostly brahmin without a court order or legal reason.
Single women are particular vulnerable to the defamation and theft of savings by these cruel greedy anonymous powerful officials as women are treated as second class citizens in most homes and have no other support in their old age.
These officials are always looking for a way to steal all the assets of an innocent person to become rich overnight
Hence purchasing life insurance will be one way to ensure that a person does not remain penniless for the rest of his or her life, especially if tthe rest of his or her life, especially if targeted by these greedy officials who can waste infinite tax payer money to harass an innocent person.

If the person has a family and is the sole bread earner, his or her responsibilities are even more, and purchasing the right insurance policy will ensure that his or her family can cover their living expenses even if the sole bread earner will fall sick or dies.
There are a number of insurance companies and the policies offered differ significantly depending on the financial goals of the person. It will be advisable to check the different insurance policy terms and conditions available to find the best option, older people will prefer a pension scheme which offers monthly payment.
Small business owners are often subjected to false cases by business rivals with the sole aim of leaving them penniless so that the assets of the business can be purchased at a low price. To ensure that the business owner has some security a suitable insurance policy will be recommended.

When the betrayal is exposed

Betrayal is not morally correct and most “respectable” individuals realise that they will never be able to openly admit to betraying a person who trusts them. Most companies and individuals will betray their customer or some one who trusts them only because they think that person will not be able to hit back or the betrayal will not be exposed, as this would affect their image as a honourable and trustworthy person.

Unfortunately they do not realise that it is difficult to “fool all the people all the time”. An experienced webmaster had spent large amounts of money with a web hosting company. This web hosting company relied on one particular internet company for verifying the identity of the customer in India. Though the webmaster was a very big customer of the internet company, they falsely introduced their girlfriend (a Kim Kardashian look alike) to the webhosting company as the experienced webmaster. Now this girlfriend had nothing to do with the webmaster, had in fact arlier betrayed the webmaster, by misusing her name behind her back.

So though the webmaster was working hard to earn and spend the money, all credit, introductions and privileges were given to the girlfriend, who was not spending a single penny. So all the contacts and introductions had been stolen, the webmaster found it difficult to get assistance from the web hosting company, and started complaining openly. Now the webhosting company was surprised, they wondered “Why is the person who they had showered privileges on was complaining openly?”.

After an investigation, they found the Indian internet company they had relied on had betrayed the real webmaster and customer, they had introduced their girlfriend as the webmaster, the real webmaster had got nothing at all, despite so many years experience and spending so much money. It exposed the betrayal by both the internet company as well as the girlfriend of the webmaster, the complete lack of values.

Handling betrayal

If a person is betrayed by a family member , in most Indian families, the family members will keep quiet since “family honour” is at stake.

However, while working in a professionally managed company, the attitude is just the opposite. If a person betrays the trust reposed in him or her, backstabs, cheats, lies or does not keep promises, the person betrayed is encouraged to speak out , tell everyone he or she knows about the betrayal.

This is a much better approach for several reasons which include :

  • People will know about the betrayal, the person behind it, so they will think twice about dealing with the betrayer.
  • If a person keeps quiet after being betrayed, the chances that he or she will be betrayed again are very high as people will take the individual for granted.
  • The person betrayed may get some compensation or redressal if he or she makes a noise about it. If no one knows about a problem, no one can help the affected person.
  • Telling others about the betrayal reduces the frustration and stress caused by the betrayal.

Betrayal by business associates

At times it is your business associates, vendors who will betray you.
If you a single lady, who has spent one crore rupees with the different internet companies in India and abroad, know more about certain aspects of the internet than almost anyone in the country(or the world) in a particular subject, not a single person in the internet industry will openly support you and you will be subject to identity theft and surveillance for years.

However, if you are young , good looking and a powerful person’s “girlfriend” or wife, you will have many supporters, even if you are mediocre with extremely limited knowledge of the internet.