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Mediocre Liar Sister rewarded for betrayal

The shameless fraud officials in the indian internet sector can stoop to the lowest level to destroy the life of a brilliant obc engineer, webmaster, domain investor and online exporter rewarding everyone who will betray the honest harmless engineer and webmaster. These perverted cowards will make up completely false allegations of black money without proof to sexually harass and ogle at her for years, though these shameless frauds cannot send any income tax notice, while conveniently remaining anonymous.

These shameles fraud officials in the indian internet sector will reward her mediocre liar sister for betraying the obc engineer, leaking family secrets with a lucrative governmemt job, falsely claiming that the mediocre treacherous sister had the brilliant academic and professional record of the obc engineer who these perverted men have sexually harassed, defamed and cheated for years. They will also steal the hard earned money of the obc engineer without a court order trying to reward the fraud sister for her treachery.

The treacherous housewife does not even check her email regularly yet the shameless fraud top officials in the indian internet sector, will falsely claim that she is the domain investor, webmaster and online exporter who earns a significant amount from export as they cannot tolerate merit of the brilliant obc engineer . Thus for betraying her trusting brilliant sister, the mediocre housewife has been rewarded by the cowardly fraud officials in the indian internet sector with a lucrative government job stealing the resume of the brilliant obc engineer.

The brilliant obc engineer has invested a large amount online, yet the treacherous housewife gets credit despite not spending a single paisa because of the shameless fraud officials in the indian internet sector who seem to worship liars, cheaters and mediocre backstabbers . Humiliating, exploiting and cheating anyone brilliant, honest, hardworking and experienced seems to be the unofficial policy of these fraud officials

They are also giving the mediocre cunning cheater housewife from Indore credit for the online revenues of the brilliant obc engineer when she does no work online or spend a single paisa . These powerful shameless thieves are falsely claiming that the stolen savings of the obc engineer belong to to her fraud sister. The cunning fraud sister along her cheater husband has invested a huge amount in gold and real estate, yet due to the complete lack of morals, honesty and humanity in the top officials in the indian internet sector, the cheater housewife has got great rewards for betraying her brilliant sister who made the mistake of trusting her.

This is a clear indication of how cunning fraud brahmin officials use the divide and rule policy to destroy the life of brilliant obc engineers and steal their resume for mediocre obc and other frauds who cheat them. Any suggestions on how to make these shameless top officials in the indian internet sector STOP MAKING UP FALSE STORIES and give credit to the obc engineer for a change


Using an app to avoid betrayal and exploitation

Till a few years ago, the majority of internet users would access their computer using a laptop or desktop. Most of them are not aware that the commonly used windows operating system has a number of backdoors which expert hackers and large companies employing them will exploit using the hidden wifi network of the government which civilians do not have access to . these hackers can then monitor all activity on the laptop or replicate it.

In the indian internet sector ,brilliant experienced obc professionals are often targetted for resume and identity theft, with well connected good looking frauds taking credit for online activities including purchases, when actually they do not do any work or spend any money online. These glamorous people are considered respectable, yet are very convincing liars and ruthless in exploiting obc professionals for personal gain.

These officials will pretend to help the obc professional and then inject malware for corporate espionage like the cheater goan diploma holder siddhi mandrekar who has no morals, humanity and will betray anyone who made the mistake of trusting her. The malware injected by the pampered fraud siddhi has been used to steal data daily and falsely claim that she is doing all the work. Similarly the fraud friends and relatives of the pampered shivalli brahmin bangalore housewife nayanshree hathwar who cheated a single woman obc engineer of more than Rs 1.1 lakh are hacking the laptop of the obc engineer and falsely claiming that she is doing all the work, when she does nothing . The powerful fraud officials, allegedly working in ntro are infatuated with goan bsc obc call girl sunaina and are hacking the laptop of the obc engineer, falsely claiming that the lazy greedy sunaina is doing the work, when she does no work. Thus all these lazy greedy women have got lucrative government jobs allegedly in R&AW, because fraud officials are hacking the laptop of the obc engineer using sophisticated government equipment and claiming these lazy greedy cheater women are doing the work, when they do no work at all.

Using an app which will be downloaded on the mobile ensures that the person making the transactions can be easily identified.The mobile user will carry the mobile with him or her and so the person placing the order will be easily traced. It will be difficult for the identity thief to track and follow the obc professional everywhere, This will also reduce the chances of misuse of the confidential information provided while shopping online.

India has a long tradition of betrayal

Professionals who have held a job especially engineers usually find that almost everyone they will interact with professionally will be honest and keep promises. However small business owners and professionals who are self employed do not know that India has a long tradition of betrayal, intrigue and dishonesty. Though the maharajas do not rule the country, the intelligence agencies who are not accountable to anyone and have great powers, ensure that the tradition of dishonesty, betrayal and treachery remains alive in the country
The book Maharaja’s Man which tells the story of Diwan Jarmani Dass has interesting information on how prevalent treachery and dishonesty were in India a century ago. The father of Diwan Jarmani Dass, Diwan Daulat Ram, was poisoned at the age of 33 by his colleagues, due to intrigues in the royal court, Diwan Jarmani Dass himself resigned from his post as minister in two different kingdoms of Kapurthala and Patiala in pre independence India due to elaborate attempts to frame him which included spying on him, forgery and spreading false stories, despite being considered very competent.
In another book Maharaja, Diwan Jarmani Dass has written how officials created misunderstanding between the ruler of a state and his prime minister, not allowing them to communicate with each other, falsely spreading stories of illness, These officials had a grudge against the prime minister and had him removed from his job after isolating him,

Thus it appears that the gang hiding behind vvip goan call girls siddhi mandrekar, sunaina, brahmin cheaters nayanshree hathwar, riddhi, ruchika, asmita patel, veena are ensuring the shameful tradition of dishonesty, betrayal and fraud continues to flourish in india . For cheaters siddhi mandrekar who has commited corporate espionage on the obc engineer who trusted her and shivalli brahmin bangalore housewife nayanshree who looted the obc engineer, their treachery, lack of conscience and honesty seem to be a family tradition, part of their family culture and upbringing. These women are continuing india’s tradition of betrayal

Select the right home to avoid betrayal

While location, facilities, pricing and amenities are an important consideration for selecting a home, it is equally important to have the right kind of neighbours.
Today identity theft has become a major problem, with greedy lazy well connected people with no morals trying to steal the savings and resume of a hardworking brilliant older person to become rich and powerful overnight. These identity theft gangs are extremely ruthless,greedy, have sophisticated equipment at their disposal and are well connected. Neighbours are often used by these identity theft gangs to harass, stalk their victim. For a person living alone especially women this can be important as neighbours can sexually harass, stalk whenever she leaves her house,

Hence ensuring that people in the neighbourhood share the same values will be important. A single woman same values will be important. A single woman engineer found that her young lazy greedy neighbour had been lured by an identity theft gang to stalk her, promising that they would make her rich, powerful overnight and also get her a permanent government job. The lazy greedy young woman sunaina had no values and as she was not very rich, she found the prospect of becoming very rich overnight for doing nothing except stalking, attractive.

Today the single woman engineer finds that her powerful fraud engineering college classmate J srinivasan, allegedly working in NTRO has stolen her impressive resume for bsc sunaina half his age, to get sunaina a lucrative government job, as he is infatuated with sunaina. Allegedly he is also falsely claiming that his darling sunaina owns the websites/home of his engineering college classmate who he hated, and has arranged for duplicate keys for his friend sunaina, so that she can enter the house whenever she feels like. Additionally the obc engineer has been subjected to the most terrible human rights abuses to cover up the fraud of resume theft, with the help of sunaina who has been stalking her.

A large number of online and offline companies like Ebay, Flipkart, BSNL, Air India, State bank of India, Bluestone have been allegedly duped by the ruthless shameless fraud J srinivasan to give lucrative government jobs to the inexperienced lazy greedy bsc call girl sunaina and her associates, falsely claiming that the goan obc call girl sunaina is an experienced engineer from a top college, domain investor and webmaster . In reality sunaina like the other vvip goan call girl siddhi mandrekar only provides free sex to the fraud powerful officials in the indian internet sector, who then falsely claim that these call girls, she does not manage or control a single website or domain name.
Why are electrical engineers from India’s top college falsely claiming that goan call girl bsc sunaina half their age and other fraud women were their engineering college classmate. Allegedly some of the reasons are:
– Google, Tata, Paypal have bribed these fraud officials to falsely claim that bsc sunaina was their engineering college classmate to destroy competition, acquire talent and technology cheaply
-These officials want to ensure that no indian engineering college will rank well, when the whole world knows that goan call girl bsc sunaina with no work experience, have been treated as an experienced engineer to get lucrative government jobs, due to fraud ntro officials who has stolen the resume of their obc engineering college classmate for sunaina and other call girls, cheaters
– they hate their brilliant female obc engineering college classmate and will stoop to any level to destroy her life wasting tax payer money, having also stolen her retirement savings, resume and the greedy lazy goan call girls sunaina and siddhi mandrekar are willing accomplices in their evil plan.
Now life has become a nightmare for the engineer evading the evil plans of the shameless fraud officials including some of her engineering college classmates, their evil greedy lazy vvip call girl friends cheater siddhi mandrekar, bsc sunaina, brahmin cheaters nayanshree hathwar, riddhi, ruchika, veena, asmita patel and others who can waste infinite tax payer money to destroy her life. Surviving and flourishing personally and professionally, exposing these evil officials, their call girl and cheater friends, will be greatest revenge on these shameless greedy fraud cruel officials, their fraud call girl and cheater friends who have caused many problems for years.

In an old neighbourhood, a home owner has little choice as the neighbours may have lived there for long and may have questionable value systems . If the neighbours have a similar background and value system they can be a great source of support. In a new apartment complex people are likely to have the similar financial and professional background. As they may also may face similar problems in future, they are less likely to betray and exploit their neighbours even if they are offered great financial incentives by the greedy ruthless charming identity theft gang who have no values or principals

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Break up after betrayal

Even a superficial relationship like a friendship takes a lot of time and effort on the part of all those involved. In case of dating or boyfriend girlfriend relationship the emotional investment will be far greater, especially when one of the persons is serious about the relationship. However there are many people, especially powerful men and good looking charming women who get into a relationship for short term gains. For the relation to sustain for a long time , the individuals should share common values and interests, otherwise they will break up in a few weeks or months.

The pepsi ipl ad break up is one of the finalist among the many videos uploaded at the #CrashThePepsiIPL gallery. It shows an upset man dealing with the aftermath of a break up with his girlfriends. He seems to be very upset , recalling their relationship in great det , recalling their relationship in great detail and how they broke up. The main actor is a typical middle class indian, young, slightly chubby, who will trust people. Often people who are betrayed in a relationship and break up are depressed. Drinking Pepsi helps the hero of the ad overcome his break up and start life afresh, instead of quietly enduring an abusive/unhappy relationship

The break up also reflects the increasing lack of morals and values among many young women today, who will enter into a relationship for short term gains. So if a young woman feels that dating or sleeping with a powerful or well connected or being friends with a man will help her financially or professionally, she will have no qualms doing so. Some best known examples online in india are goan vvip call girls siddhi mandrekar,bsc sunaina, good looking well connected cheaters bangalore housewife nayanshree hathwar, goan riddhi, who have got lucrative government jobs faking the impressive resume their powerful fraud friends have stolen from a vulnerable obc single woman engineer .

These greedy lazy cunning women like siddhi mandrekar, nayanshree, sunaina, ruchika and riddhi have no qualms betraying, cheating and exploiting any one who will make the mistake of trusting them. Depending on the strength of the relationship and extent of their infatuation, their boyfriends may tolerate the treachery for some time . However every betrayal kills a part of the person, trust in human nature and will affect the relationship. So in a way, though very painful for the person emotionally attached, the break up will be beneficial in the long run.

How a ruthless young cheater woman took advantage of Kindness

This has been written in third person to prevent problems
Most employers prefer Young people as they are more honest and eager to learn, However trusting and being kind to a young woman diploma holder siddhi mandrekar from goa turned out to be another great mistake, the engineer had earlier met her mother sufal , who spoke very sweetly and was convincing in claiming that they were honest and respectable people.

However little did the engineer know that an evil plan was being hatched by sufal and her greedy cunning daughter siddhi mandrekar to steal my resume and get a lucrative government job at my expense. Siddhi had almost no work experience,the engineer took pity on her and gave her work,The second time she met siddhi, siddhi said that she wanted to work at home and asked if she could copy files. The engineer made the mistake of trusting the sweet talking siddhi, little did she know that the shameless greedy siddhi would turn out to be the most ruthless greedy lazy liar young fraud in the world

Now in retrospect it appears that the greedy lazy siddhi was allegedly bribed by someone to betray the trust and install extremely sophisticated malware on the laptop, the cunning greedy siddhi was extremely well connected and her vicious relatives and friends were not only involved in defaming the innocent harmless engineer , they also had access to the top secret wifi network which allowed them to steal data from almost any laptop in the country without the knowledge of the laptop owner .

The malware allowed siddhi and her associates to monitor all the activities on the laptop, Allegedly she and her associates then started falsely claiming that she was doing all the work, owned the business, when she was doing nothing, Again the powerful evil classmate P played a significant role in destroying the engineers life, falsely claiming that siddhi was doing all the work, owned the business, and had an engineering degree from a top colleged to get cheater siddhi a very lucrative government job at her expense with a stolen resume.

Allegedly the greedy evil siddhi has then used the casting couch very effectively, bribing powerful officials with free sex to ensure that they overlook her act of corporate espionage, blindly believe in all her lies , give her even more powers and spread false rumors defaming the engineer she had ruthlessly cheated. In an engineering college, the number of men will be significantly more than women, hence it is very easy for a shameless greedy fraud like siddhi to bribe them with free sex to give fake references of an engineering degree, stealing the resume of their classmate who they hate.
Her sex for governmemt job fraud stealing the resume of a harmless innocent webmaster, domain investor and engineer has become famous worldwide among domain investors, who appear to be the only people online who are willing to acknowledge the truth that siddhi has no experience, investment online, and has got the lucrative government job only for corporate espionage and sleeping with powerful officials.

Today allegedly all the engineers correspondence has been diverted through the cheater siddhi by these fraud officials falsely claiming national security, when they only want to reward the cheater siddhi for free sex. the single woman exporter has been denied even the fundamental right which almost everyone else has in india despite being a harmless civilian engineer . She cannot correspond freely, her phone calls, smses, emails, postal mail are diverted to the greedy cheater young woman siddhi who has already ruthlessly greedily cheated the engineer, as the cruel fraud officials are rubbing salt into her wounds, The cunning fraud siddhi and her associates are allegedly spreading extremely defamatory vicious rumors without proof making it difficult to get legal help. Any computer purchased will also have malware preinstalled .

Allegedly google, tata, paypal and others are supporting , protecting and rewarding the lazy greedy mediocre well connected cheater diploma holder siddhi mandrekar with her stolen resume, in exploiting the engineer she cheated . Today the engineer finds that all opportunities, leads, orders she has worked for are stolen by the greedy cheater siddhi mandrekar, who appears to have got the license to cheat without being punished. Even at Indiblogger the account/blog was approved, later they were disabled giving flimsy excuses allegedly due to the powerful companies and officials rewarding cheater siddhi, who do not want the truth about well connected good looking cheaters like nayanshree and siddhi exposed.

Today the evil greedy siddhi has hundreds of friends on social networking websites, how many know her true nature, a shameless ruthless liar and backstabber who shamelessly exploited the single woman engineer and exporter who made the mistake of trusting her? Her photo can be provided to anyone who does not want to be betrayed as punishment for being kind to a cheater like siddhi. Just like nayanshree being kind to the ruthless cheater siddhi mandrekar turned out to be very beneficial for her, yet has ruined the life of the engineer, webmaster who made the great mistake of trusting the fraud
“I am participating in the #DilKiDealOnSnapdeal activity at BlogAdda in association with SnapDeal.”

Names may have changed, resemblance to any person is purely coincidental

Kindness that destroyed my life – I

Most people feel obliged to those who helped them get a job or work, however being kind to a cunning fraud housewife destroyed my life . This is a true story of how the shivalli brahmin bangalore cheater housewife nayanshreee hathwar, wife of guruprasad hathwar, former tata power special electronics division employee cheated, exploited and stole the resume of a single woman engineer who made the mistake of being kind and trusting the cunning ungrateful medicre brahmin cheater
I have a work at home website, and I was outsourcing content work to various freelancers. Nayanshree hathwar whose husband was working in tata power, mumbai and living in marol, andheri was one of the many who asked for work, I took pity on her and gave her work.Initially she was very prompt in replying , and grateful for the work given. She must have earned a lot of money, using the work to get more money from others. She also sent an invitation for the new house near florence high school  bangalore which she and her husband built with the money she got from me.

Later I found that the content she had provided did not pass copyscape, the rates she had charged were extremely high and for original content. However, she had cunningly sold the content to multiple buyers. After pocketing more than Rs 1,1 lakh, she now conveniently ignores all emails, smses trying to contact her or even get a clarification. She also appears to have a powerful gang of hackers and officials hiding behind her who specialize in sexually harassing, defaming, cheating and deleting files from the laptop of an engineer whose resume they want to steal for the mediocre lazy greedy cheater nayanshree.

I also did not know that my cunning powerful engineering college classmate P was infatuated with the good looking nayanshree for years. He cunningly pretended to know me very well so that he could shameless misuse my name, steal my resume for his darling nayanshree to get her a very lucrative governmemt job at my expense. Using the money that was paid to her as proof for copied work, he falsely claimed that she had done all the content work for my many websites, to get her a very lucrative government job controlling all export content in India . Today after exploiting me to the fullest extent to steal my resume and get very lucrative government jobs for his various mediocre girlfriends at my expense , the cunning cruel P refused to even reply.

Today the cunning semi literate brahmin cheater nayanshree who cannot even write in proper english , has no engineering degree , has supplied content which does not pass copyscape cheating an engineer of her hard earned money, has great powers over content in India and also has stolen the resume of an experienced engineer to get a very lucrative government job with the help of her powerful cunning cruel boyfriend P. She has become a walking talking symbol of the rot and corruption in the indian internet sector, how important jobs are reserved for well connected mediocre cheater brahmins who specialize in stealing the resume of experienced engineers .
Allegedly google, tata, paypal are supporting , protecting and rewarding the lazy greedy mediocre well connected cheater brahmin nayanshree hathwar with her stolen resume,. Today I find that all opportunities I deserved are stolen by the greedy cheater nayanshree, even magazines which I subscribe to are allegedly stolen by the google, tata sponsored brahmin cheater nayanshree who appears to have got the license to cheat without being punished. Due to open CASTEISM in india Bangalore cybercrime refused to take action against the brahmin cheater nayanshree , despite providing all proof. Even at Indiblogger the account/blog was approved, later they were disabled giving flimsy excuses allegedly due to the powerful companies and officials sponsoring cheater nayanshree.

These companies, officials and the hathwar clan have proved to be extremely inhuman greedy cheater frauds who pay lip service to corporate ethics, morals yet have no qualms ruthlessly cheating, exploiting and stealing a vulnerable harmless single woman engineer after sexually harassing her for years

My kindness to the cunning ungrateful bangalore BRAHMIN housewife nayanshreee was magic for her as she not could build a new house in bangalore with the money she ruthlessly looted from me, allegedly with the help of tata, google, paypal, the extremely mediocre housewife got a very lucrative government job in intelligence agencies stealing my resume, engineering degree, without knowing the abc of engineering due to casteism in India . Thus being kind to the ungrateful fraud brahmin housewife nayanshree hathwar, wife of guruprasad has proved to be the greatest mistake in my life
“I am participating in the #DilKiDealOnSnapdeal activity at BlogAdda in association with SnapDeal.”

Names may have changed, resemblance to any person is purely coincidental

No payment was received from Snapdeal or any company till date because allegedly Google, Tata, Paypal are treating the bengaluru brahmin fraud nayanshree hathwar as a heroine for her section 420 cheating of a brilliant OBC engineer and have allegedly rewarded the shivalli brahmin cheater with a permanent job in R&AW for her fraud and complete lack of ethics, humanity

Insurance against betrayal

Most people in India work hard to save money for their old age as they will not receive any pension if they are not government employees. However, due to casteism in India, people who are not well connected will find that their retirement savings of twenty years are stolen by government officials mostly brahmin without a court order or legal reason.
Single women are particular vulnerable to the defamation and theft of savings by these cruel greedy anonymous powerful officials as women are treated as second class citizens in most homes and have no other support in their old age.
These officials are always looking for a way to steal all the assets of an innocent person to become rich overnight
Hence purchasing life insurance will be one way to ensure that a person does not remain penniless for the rest of his or her life, especially if tthe rest of his or her life, especially if targeted by these greedy officials who can waste infinite tax payer money to harass an innocent person.

If the person has a family and is the sole bread earner, his or her responsibilities are even more, and purchasing the right insurance policy will ensure that his or her family can cover their living expenses even if the sole bread earner will fall sick or dies.
There are a number of insurance companies and the policies offered differ significantly depending on the financial goals of the person. It will be advisable to check the different insurance policy terms and conditions available to find the best option, older people will prefer a pension scheme which offers monthly payment.
Small business owners are often subjected to false cases by business rivals with the sole aim of leaving them penniless so that the assets of the business can be purchased at a low price. To ensure that the business owner has some security a suitable insurance policy will be recommended.

Fraud young woman rewarded for corporate espionage in Goa

Top secret course devised by the cunning diploma holder from goa siddhi mandrekar (name may have changed to avoid problems)

It helped that the fraud siddhi had some extremely powerful cunning cowardly dishonest relatives and friends who specialize in defaming innocent vulnerable single women engineers in the worst possible manner without any proof, to ruin her reputation wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money.

Trusting a charming good looking woman in a train turned out to be a very great mistake . People I meet and tell the story say that I was a victim of a very elaborate and well planned scam . Since April 2010, I had been a victim of an extremely vicious slander campaign without proof to ruin my reputation, later I found that the extremely powerful relatives of the charming good looking woman sufal were mainly involved in defaming me, spreading extremely malicious stories that my business was illegal without proof.

Sufal was a good story teller, she convinced me that she was very honest and respectable. I was looking for a person to help me in my work, and when I asked her if she knew anyone who could help, she offered to send her daughter siddhi in Goa to assist me. The first time she met me, the jeans clad siddhi appeared to be very sincere. However the second time she came, it appeared that she had been trained to commit the elaborate scam, probably told that she would get all my domain names if she succeeded.

The cunning siddhi then said that she wanted to work at home and needed to copy some files. Little did I know that she had copied an extremely sophisticated malware on the laptop which helps siddhi and her powerful associates to steal all files on the computer through the hidden wifi network of the government. A civilian like me cannot access or find any information about the top secret wifi network, only as a trained engineer I have concluded that a hidden wifi network has been used to steal data daily, even when the laptop will not be connected to the internet.

Not satisfied with the corporate espionage, the greedy cunning inexperienced lazy siddhi, her powerful friends and relatives allegedly falsely claims that she has done all the work for my business , owns my online export business to defame me socially and professionally, when actually she does not do any work or spend a single paisa on the business expenses. Why are greedy good looking young women like siddhi so devoid of morals , humanity, honesty and integrity that they behave so cheaply, want to falsely claim ownership of a business, when they cannot operate the bank account of the business.

My correspondence phone calls, smses, postal mail, emails are all allegedly diverted to her and her friends without a valid reason , who either demand a bribe or steal the correspondence as convenient.According to other online sources, the glamorous siddhi will retain her government job as she sleeps with powerful government officials, sleeping with powerful officials has become almost mandatory for women to get lucrative government jobs in the indian internet sector. Allegedly google has been hailing her as India’s kim kardashian for her willingness to use the casting couch to become rich and powerful overnight

Almost everyone can make phone calls to anyone they like in India , why are bloggers targetted for harassment in India denied their fundamental right? Can anyone explain why a fraud like siddhi mandrekar has been considered to be respectable and high status in indian society today despite cheating a woman who trusted her and making false claims regarding ownership of the online export business.

Today the fraud siddhi who cunningly commited corporate espionage has been rewarded for her fraud in Goa as she and/or her fraud associates steal data daily with the hidden wifi network . They make it extremely difficult for me to earn a living, wasting indian tax payer money for their personal or corporate goals, stealing mails, orders, leads, smses, demanding bribes, harassing anyone who tried to help me .

Any kind hearted volunteer who can find out about the software which the evil greedy cunning siddhi has been using to steal data, her office address in verna goa and facebook profile can be provided.

The ungrateful cheater housewife

At the first look, many people appear to be very nice and respectable, have a high status in society, yet they can cause never ending grief. A few years ago a young woman a housewife nayanshree hathwar, wife of guruprasad hathwar approached me asking for work. I did not have work for her initially yet I made a provision and gave her work, paying a very high rate for the work. She was very prompt in replying then when payment was being made. As I was being harassed, my revenues were affected and I stopped giving her work. In the meanwhile my retirement savings of twenty years were also stolen allegedly by powerful greedy government officials to blackmail me, waste my time and money searching for my savings.
As I started using the content provided by nayanshree hathwar, I slowly discovered that the content did not pass copyscape and was effectively worthless. Nayanshree who had been very prompt in replying earlier when she was receiving payment of more than Rs 1.1 lakh, even inviting me to the housewarming ceremony of her new house Chiguru, in BDA layout, Bangalore now conveniently refused to reply to emails,She had given two different mobile numbers contacting her on both her mobiles, sending smses, making phone calls did not help.
I even contacted bangalore cybercrime with all details of the fraud of nayanshree hathwar, yet I did not receive any reply. Powerful officials who had been ruthlessly harassing me for years without proof, wasting indian tax payer money, falsely claiming to be concerned about honesty, integrity, are showing their true colors as cunning ruthless hypocrites protecting and rewarding the cheater nayanshree hathwar for looting me, a harmless vulnerable single woman engineer of my hard earned money.

Today I try to contact everyone I know trying to get a reply from the ungrateful nayanshree hathwar who cheated me, wasting time and money. Tata power said that she was in Bangalore today the tata power office say that he is no longer with tata power. People at the Mumbai house at Military road, Marol, Andheri where she stayed confirmed that her husband guruprasad hathwar was working with tata power special electronics division, the house was taken on rent by Tata Power for their employee from one Mr Acharya. They also said that her husband guruprasad hathwar had taken a transfer to Bangalore and Mr Acharya was also in Bangalore.

I have tried to contact people in bangalore asking them if they can visit the address of nayanshree hathwar, yet most of them live too far away from the address which I have. I visited the karnataka bank branch to check if they could help me trace nayanshree hathwar, their account holder. They said that they reveal the details only if the police or income tax authorities request information. However the bank manager was kind enough to suggest that sending a legal notice was the best option. If anyone would like to help a single woman who has been cheated they can contact me.’

Later I learnt that my powerful engineering college classmate puneet who cunningly faked concern for me when he hated me , but was actually infatuated with the good looking cunning cheater nayanshree had falsely claimed that she was his engineering college classmate to fraudulently appoint her to an important government job at my expense. Actually the mediocre ungrateful nayanshree has no engineering degree or experience, yet due to the fake references of powerful puneet, everyone believes that the cheater nayanshree is actually an engineer. The cunning puneet has now shown his true colors refusing to even reply to me, after shamelessly claiming that a number of his mediocre friends have my experience, engineering degree, investment online, skills and work ethic.

The fraud of nayanshree hathwar has become very notorious online. On twitter when someone favorited the post that nayanshree hathwar had been pampered for cheating an IIt single woman engineer of her hard earned money, the powerful online censors who want people to think that their cheater friend/relative nayanshree is a honest saint who can do no wrong, were merciless in deleting the post. If they do not want any negative news posted online, nayanshree hathwar and her associates should behave honestly not cheat vulnerable women of their hard earned money, behave so cheaply to cause frustration. Can anyone explain why section 420 cheating has made nayanshree hathwar a VVIP in India?.

When complete strangers in both Mumbai and Goa can be so helpful to a single woman who has been cheated without getting anything in return, why has the treachorous housewife nayanshree hathwar behaved so ruthlessly , refusing to even reply to the single woman who paid her hard earned money to her. My ex colleagues at work who I have not met for more than a decade go out of their way to help me, they value relationships, getting nothing in return, yet why does the mediocre cheater nayanshree behave so arrogantly, destroying the relationship, after getting so much from a woman who trusted her .

I should never trusted, given work and paid nayanshree hathwar, she cheated me in the worst manner and the tears never stopped