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Get rich scheme of Goa’s Evil cunning slim greedy fraud Bsc SEX bribe GIVER

A powerful fraud intelligence agency official J srinivasan in NTRO hated his obc engineering college classmate, an experienced engineer, webmaster, domain investor and online exporter and wanted to destroy her life. He had been instigated to do this by large evil corporates in the internet sector, allegedly google, tata, paypal who wanted to destroy competition, acquire talent and technology cheaply.
So for this the fraud cruel J needed to destroy the reputation and finances of his classmate. He found an accomplice in the slim greedy obc bhandari evil bsc sunaina from goa who he promised to make rich and powerful overnight if she helped him in cruel fraud plan. The slim bsc sunaina was extremely lazy, did not want to work hard like the single woman engineer, and readily agreed to plan of the evil tamilian brahmin fraud J.,
The cunning hypocrite J had falsely claimed to be concerned about honesty and put his engineering college classmate under surveillance to check whether she was doing anything illegal when he actually wanted to sexually harass her and find all information about her.

J was extremely powerful in the indian internet sector and started introducing the inexperienced bsc sunaina, half his age, t to everyone as his engineering college classmate who had invested a large amount online and was an experienced ebay seller, when actually the lazy greedy sunaina did not spend a single paisa online and does not even have an ebay account . After making these false claims the evil hypocrite J, who behaved as a fraud shamelessly exploiting his engineering college classmate, managed to get a very lucrative government job for his darling sunaina at the expense of his engineering college classmate who has got nothing.

Now the evil greedy fraud J and crooked accomplice sunaina from goa started falsely claiming that sunaina owned the online export business, was the domain investor to defame the experienced engineer, webmaster and domain investor socially and professionally. When the lazy greedy fraud slim good looking sunaina cannot operate the bank account of the online export business, why does she act like a section 420 cheater falsely claiming to own the online export business. When she does not have an ebay account, why did she falsely claim to be an experienced ebay seller to steal privileges from the real ebay seller.

Why does the lazy cunning greedy slim sunaina not start her own online export business with Paypal with the help of her powerful boyfriend J , instead falsely claim that she owns a business she has no connection to. Now the evil fraud J has been abusing his powers, wasting indian tax payer money to cover up his fraud, making and circulating defamatory videos. He has also diverted all the phone calls of his engineering college classmate to his slim fraud girlfriends sunaina to make it difficult for his engineering college classmate to get any help?

J shows his true colours as a cruel greedy hypocrite when he can commit the greatest fraud himself without being punished, why did he falsely claim that his friend sunaina was the domain investor when she did not spend a single paisa online or did not have an ebay account. Why has no one put him under surveillance, According to other sources, the slim sunaina will retain her government job as she sleeps with powerful government officials. Can the fraud J justify his false claims promoting sunaina openly?

Has anyone come across an evil greedy official like J and his cunning lazy slim fraud accomplice sunaina? How would you deal with such an evil cruel shameless powerful man and his equally fraud accomplice sex bribe giver sunaina who can waste infinite indian tax payer money for their personal goals.

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