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Betrayal of customer trust

In some companies, employees are trained to treat customers with respect, as the customers purchases help pay the employees salaries and other company expenses. In other companies,some employees treat loyal customers in an insulting manner, this is part of the company culture. These companies also encourage and provide all support to frauds, liars, scammers and identity thieves who make the lives of their loyal customers miserable. The frauds , scammers , liars and identity thieves do not spend any money with the company, but are able to trick and fool gullible people as they are sweet talkers and girlfriends/relatives of powerful people .

When the customers business is adversely affected by the frauds and scammers who the company offers unstinted support, these loyal customers slowly find out the cause of the problems. These loyal customers move their business elsewhere and instead of trying to retain the loyal customers, these companies make the life of the loyal customer miserable and take no action against the scammers, liars and identity thieves, who are the root cause of the problem.

The “honourable” and ‘respectable’ people running these companies still think – “we have done everything possible to ruin the life of our loyal customer, yet we still think he or she should continue to spend her hard earned money with us, help pay our salaries”. Why are people so ungrateful, so lacking in decency and humanity?

Note : This strongly worded article has been written because a few very powerful unscrupulous people are trying to steal this website. Some advertising is used to cover the webhosting and domain registration/renewal expenses, but even this advertising code was removed from this website recently by these anonymous cowardly scammers without the knowledge or permission of the website owner in their bid to steal this website.

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