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Dressing up / dressing well

People dress up/ dress well for different reasons such as:
1.they enjoy dressing up
2.If they have a spouse/boyfriend /girlfriend who they wish to impress.
3.company dress code if they are an employee of a company or attending a interview
4.To impress a customer, for a business owner meeting a customer or prospective customer.
5.For peer approval

A person being stalked or harassed for unknown reasons, survival/staying alive is a greater priority, so obviously he or she will not care about his/her appearance. One of the big advantages of dressing badly is that it gives a very good insight into the character of the person with whom one is dealing with. After all, everyone likes to be seen with a fashionable person. But without knowing the background of a person, it is incorrect to jump to conclusions about the knowledge and competence of the person, just based on his or her dressing style.

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