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Betrayal of online exporters

Most countries offer many incentives for their exporters to increase their sales and revenues, which in turn helps the economy of the country to grow. However, in india at least a few online exporters, who are not well connected, are betrayed in the worst possible manner
1. False accusation and defamation without any proof
2. Surveillance for more than 4 years
3. theft of retirement savings
4. false rumours about the ownership of the business, with well connected lazy liar young women getting credit despite spending no money and doing no work.
5. identity theft attempts by manipulating records
6. denial of information and opportunities
7. repeated attacks using directed energy weapons without a valid reason, causing health problems like severe headaches, memory loss and insomnia, making it difficult to stay in one place, as powerful men who remain anonymous try to take over the business, by destroying the health of the exporter.

While well connected lazy young women who do not do any work, get powers and privileges at the expense of the real exporter because of their powerful friends and relatives, the hardworking exporter leads a terrible life, without even any fundamental rights, which every other law abiding citizen in India has. Thus being an online exporter in India may be lucrative for some, but has a lot of risks which few know about.