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Nikki Yadav’s decision to argue with Sahil Gehlot after his betrayal proved fatal

Nikki Yadav’s decision to confront Sahil Gehlot after being informed about his second marriage, betraying her proved fatal for her
Though Nikki Yadav was pretty, she trusted the wrong person and was murdered
In some cases like the ROBBER fraud government employees who have stolen the resume of the domain investor, there was never any relationship at all, though a large number of people were duped,while in other cases, when either party decides to end the relationship it is best to let go,
Like the Shraddha Walkar case, another young woman Nikki Yadav murdered by boyfriend and stuffed in fridge
Indian government agencies are extremely RUTHLESS in CHEATING, EXPLOITING, ROBBING single women and falsely giving credit and monthly government salaries to shameless GREEDY cheater married women like indore top cheater fraud raw employee deepika/veena who does not spend any money on domains, does not have any online income, yet is getting a monthly salary because of the indian government policy of REWARDING MARRIED CHEATERS like indore ROBBER cheater housewife deepika/veena for their fraud on single women with monthly government salary
Due to the indian government policy of openly rewarding married cheaters for fraud with monthly salaries, young women are desperate desperate to get married or find a boyfriend. While the Shradda Walkar case was well documented in the mainstream, it has become an inspiration for other crimes on single women by their boyfriends, live in partners.
In the latest case, a pretty young woman Nikki Yadav was allegedly strangled by her boyfriend Sahil Gehlot in a car using a mobile data cable, and then the body was stuffed in the fridge of the dhaba which he owned. Showing how ruthless young people are at present, within 12 hours of strangling Nikki Yadav, Gehlot got married to another woman, and appeared normal during all the marriage ceremonies. It was only when people found the body of Nikki Yadav in the fridge that the grisly murder was discovered.
Since Nikki was living with her sister, the death was noticed earlier, and the body could not be disposed.
The photos of Nikki Yadav published in the mainstream media show that Nikki Yadav was pretty, fair-skinned, slim, she could have easily found another boyfriend. Yet she trusted the wrong person, Sahil Gehlot, and threatened to disrupt his second marriage , so she was killed
This shows that it is very difficult to trust anyone, and indian society and government should stop commiting atrocities on citizens, especially women just because they are single.
If Nikki Yadav was more practical and realized that her boyfriend/husband Sahil Gehlot wished to terminate the relationship, left him, she would have been alive. Since she was young and good looking, if she tried, she would have got another boyfriend or married again. This shows that it is not advisable to try to repair broken relationships or threaten a person who does not care,it can be fatal. No one sided relationship can flourish for more time, it is better to let go, if the other person does not care.
Nikki Yadav’s decision to meet Sahil Gehlot alone after being informed about his marriage, confront him, proved fatal for her as he overpowered and killed her. This exposes the risk of meeting a person alone, especially for a woman