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Before betrayal, EXPLOITATION, Actor Sushant Singh rajput was isolated

Actor Sushant Singh rajput’s death is covered extensively in the website network, because just like rhea chakraborty, the ntro/raw employees isolated the domain investor FAKED their relationship with domain investor who they actually HATED, only so that they could MISUSE her name and rob everything from her, including her resume, savings, correspondence and memory without being questioned to make themselves and their real girlfriends rich and powerful at the expense of the domain investor .
The actress rhea chakraborty was allegedly inspired by the modus operandi of the fraud ntro/raw employees to destroy the life of Actor Sushant Singh rajput. Like the ntro/raw employees who are robbing all the correspondence of the domain investor for the last ten years, to isolate her completely, rhea also isolated the actor completely.
His family members including his father could not contact him easily, for many months and almost all his staff was changed in the last one year by rhea, so that there was no one he could trust.