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Impersonation scam by cunning powerful jealous classmate

All indian and foreign companies should be aware of a major scam by dishonest greedy cunning powerful officials in the indian internet sector, who have been bribed allegedly by google, tata, paypal to humiliate, defame, exploit and cheat a hardworking online publisher, domain investor, engineer and webmaster, who was their classmate in engineering college. These cunning officials want to force their classmate a vulnerable single woman to form a company with their good looking lazy liar cheater greedy friends and relatives, and will stoop to any level to do so.

Hence they are abusing their powers and falsely claiming that these friends and relatives own the websites of the online publisher when these mediocre lazy liar chene publisher when these mediocre lazy liar cheater women do not spend a single paisa or do any kind of work. All companies who wish to be featured on the website or work with the experienced webmaster, engineer are redirected by these cunning dishonest powerful officials to their inexperienced lazy liar cheater friends and relatives as correspondence has been routed through them.

Thus due to nepotism, the well connected mediocre lazy friends and relatives get opportunities which they do not deserve, while the experienced webmaster has all the opportunities she deserved stolen from her, by her jealous powerful dishonest classmates, who are shamelessly misusing her name, to leave her penniless and defame her. These powerful men do not want to speak or reply to their classmate, then why misuse her name and betray all those who trust them.

Allegedly Ebay, Hostgator, Iwriter, the indian government has already been duped by these cunning dishonest powerful officials and their lazy liar cheater friends and relatives who shamelessly make false claims, to get credit for work they do not do, websites they do not manage or own. Now slowly companies are realizing the fraud and betrayal of the extremely powerful officials , that if they want a favorable review online or avoid negative publicity they should deal with real online publisher, not the frauds who are being extensively promoted by some of the largest companies and most powerful officials in the indian internet sector.

These powerful officials put harmless innocent webmasters and domain investors under surveillance for years, wasting indian tax payer money, falsely claiming that they are concerned about honesty and integrity. Yet these same cunning dishonest officials behave like section 420 cheaters, falsely claiming that their inexperienced mediocre lazy cheater friends and relatives were their experienced engineering college classmate, have invested a large amount online when their friends have not spent a single paisa online. Why does no one question these officials for their great fraud wasting indian tax payer money.