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How a ruthless young cheater woman took advantage of Kindness

This has been written in third person to prevent problems
Most employers prefer Young people as they are more honest and eager to learn, However trusting and being kind to a young woman diploma holder siddhi mandrekar from goa turned out to be another great mistake, the engineer had earlier met her mother sufal , who spoke very sweetly and was convincing in claiming that they were honest and respectable people.

However little did the engineer know that an evil plan was being hatched by sufal and her greedy cunning daughter siddhi mandrekar to steal my resume and get a lucrative government job at my expense. Siddhi had almost no work experience,the engineer took pity on her and gave her work,The second time she met siddhi, siddhi said that she wanted to work at home and asked if she could copy files. The engineer made the mistake of trusting the sweet talking siddhi, little did she know that the shameless greedy siddhi would turn out to be the most ruthless greedy lazy liar young fraud in the world

Now in retrospect it appears that the greedy lazy siddhi was allegedly bribed by someone to betray the trust and install extremely sophisticated malware on the laptop, the cunning greedy siddhi was extremely well connected and her vicious relatives and friends were not only involved in defaming the innocent harmless engineer , they also had access to the top secret wifi network which allowed them to steal data from almost any laptop in the country without the knowledge of the laptop owner .

The malware allowed siddhi and her associates to monitor all the activities on the laptop, Allegedly she and her associates then started falsely claiming that she was doing all the work, owned the business, when she was doing nothing, Again the powerful evil classmate P played a significant role in destroying the engineers life, falsely claiming that siddhi was doing all the work, owned the business, and had an engineering degree from a top colleged to get cheater siddhi a very lucrative government job at her expense with a stolen resume.

Allegedly the greedy evil siddhi has then used the casting couch very effectively, bribing powerful officials with free sex to ensure that they overlook her act of corporate espionage, blindly believe in all her lies , give her even more powers and spread false rumors defaming the engineer she had ruthlessly cheated. In an engineering college, the number of men will be significantly more than women, hence it is very easy for a shameless greedy fraud like siddhi to bribe them with free sex to give fake references of an engineering degree, stealing the resume of their classmate who they hate.
Her sex for governmemt job fraud stealing the resume of a harmless innocent webmaster, domain investor and engineer has become famous worldwide among domain investors, who appear to be the only people online who are willing to acknowledge the truth that siddhi has no experience, investment online, and has got the lucrative government job only for corporate espionage and sleeping with powerful officials.

Today allegedly all the engineers correspondence has been diverted through the cheater siddhi by these fraud officials falsely claiming national security, when they only want to reward the cheater siddhi for free sex. the single woman exporter has been denied even the fundamental right which almost everyone else has in india despite being a harmless civilian engineer . She cannot correspond freely, her phone calls, smses, emails, postal mail are diverted to the greedy cheater young woman siddhi who has already ruthlessly greedily cheated the engineer, as the cruel fraud officials are rubbing salt into her wounds, The cunning fraud siddhi and her associates are allegedly spreading extremely defamatory vicious rumors without proof making it difficult to get legal help. Any computer purchased will also have malware preinstalled .

Allegedly google, tata, paypal and others are supporting , protecting and rewarding the lazy greedy mediocre well connected cheater diploma holder siddhi mandrekar with her stolen resume, in exploiting the engineer she cheated . Today the engineer finds that all opportunities, leads, orders she has worked for are stolen by the greedy cheater siddhi mandrekar, who appears to have got the license to cheat without being punished. Even at Indiblogger the account/blog was approved, later they were disabled giving flimsy excuses allegedly due to the powerful companies and officials rewarding cheater siddhi, who do not want the truth about well connected good looking cheaters like nayanshree and siddhi exposed.

Today the evil greedy siddhi has hundreds of friends on social networking websites, how many know her true nature, a shameless ruthless liar and backstabber who shamelessly exploited the single woman engineer and exporter who made the mistake of trusting her? Her photo can be provided to anyone who does not want to be betrayed as punishment for being kind to a cheater like siddhi. Just like nayanshree being kind to the ruthless cheater siddhi mandrekar turned out to be very beneficial for her, yet has ruined the life of the engineer, webmaster who made the great mistake of trusting the fraud
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