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Does merit/experience matter?

A recent issue of Businessworld had an excellent article on how very few tech / internet companies receive angel funding in India, though they need it for their growth . What the people in the tech /internet industry fail to realise is that only when a tech /internet company is successful, can they fund / encourage smaller startups, but currently the conditions are extremely unfavorable.

In most industries an experienced person is valued and respected as they can teach younger people, who can avoid the mistakes they made. However, in some others, being young , good looking and /or having a powerful backer are the most important factors, merit does not matter much. The decision makers think that an experienced person can be forced to teach someone they approve for free, by harassing him/her and destroying their business. Unfortunately they do not realise that when a business turnover decreases, the biggest losers are their vendors, as there is less money available for buying new products and services.