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Medical ethics

When a patient visits a doctor or dentist, they are not only spending their valuable time and money, they also are trusting the doctor blindly. Unfortunately there is no shortage of dentists and doctors who betray the trust their patients have in them. There is at least one dentist who stuffs cotton in place of silver fillings of a patient and gets away with it. A patients dental information is supposed to be confidential , but there seem to be many dentists who will reveal these details to unrelated persons or even the patients enemies who will misuse these details to harm the patient.

Lack of humanity

A person considering an online career should be aware that many people and companies online are totally devoid of any humanity. Offline, if people see a single lady facing a problem, suffering,  at least some people go out of their way to help her, even if she is a total stranger.

Online , when powerful people see a single lady, who has spent a lot of her hard earned money with different internet companies(and also many years of her life), earning some money, they will put her under surveillance, will intercept her emails, delete files on her computer, try their level best to hack her computer and frame her for things she has never done.

Then they will expect her to “like” their girlfriends,wives and relatives ( who have not even spent Rs 10000 of their hard earned money on a website), teach them for free, form a company with them and make payments regularly to them. They will never have the courage to face her directly because their behaviour can never be justified publicly.