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Rewarded for betrayal

The Indian internet industry has some outwardly “respectable people”, but actually they are heartless animals without humanity, decency or conscience, no sense of right or wrong.
They take money from one webmaster, but continuously lie to her, backstab her, worship the ground on which the backstabber walks.
Spread the most malicious rumours about the webmaster, a figment of their perverted imagination, with not a grain of truth, just out of jealousy and malice.

Every person she trusts is encouraged to backstab her.
The more vicious the betrayal, the greater the rewards for the backstabber.
The backstabber is considered a heroine, a role model because of her lies, showered with privileges for her doublecrossing nature, these are their warped values.

And then they complain, she is not friendly, does not tell anyone anything, does not trust anyone.
When every person who she trusts is encouraged to betray her in the most vicious manner possible.
If she even talks to any one, that person is encouraged or threatened to make false accusations against her, just to ruin an innocent person’s reputation.
With every betrayal, a part of the person who is betrayed dies forever.
It is the murder of the person’s trust and emotions, but in this case the murderer remains unpunished.
Instead Indian internet companies adore and worship the murderer of a person’s trust, betrayal is a virtue, the murderer a role model.

Building a relationship takes time and effort.
Is it not hypocrisy of the highest order, repeatedly betraying a trusting person, and then still expecting her to trust others?
Why will she continue to trust people, only to get hurt again?
How many betrayals is a person expected to experience in her life?