How Google and Tata group rewarded content fraud in India

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Google and Tata group have shown a singular committment to encourage corruption, sleaze and fraud in the indian internet industry rewarding content fraud. When an online exporter was earning revenue from exports, the tata group and google subjected her to an extremely malicious defamation and slander campaign, falsely alleging that the business was illegal. The exporter was terrorised into paying her hard earned money to various women including nayanshree hathwar, wife of a tata group executive guruprasad hathwar. she paid so much money to the nayanshree hathwar, that nayanshree was able to buy a new house in bangalore.

Later on the exporter found out that the content provided by nayanshree did not pass copyscape, it had been probably resold. All efforts by the exporter to contact nayanshree failed, as now nayanshree conveniently refused to reply to emails. Parallely the exporter found that nayanshree and her gang had been rewarded with control of all indian content websites by google and the tata group , because they successfully faked concern for the exporter, when in reality they did not care for her at all.

It is ironic that the group who is guilty of content fraud, could not submit content that passes copyscape, are rewarded with control of all content sites for Indians. Like all corrupt individuals with no morals, nayanshree and her gang are abusing their powers to harass all genuine and honest indian content providers, denying opportunities to them, making it difficult to earn a living.

The exporter who was cruelly cheated by greedy nayanshree and her gang is the worst affected, as nayanshree’s gang (who has the complete support of the Tata and Google gang) is working overtime to cause her losses. When she submits content to a content websites, the cheater gang will reject the content by giving flimsy excuses. However, this same rejected content will be reused elsewhere, so effectively the writer is working for free, because of the fraud by nayanshree’s cheater gang.

There is no transparency or redressal mechanism for the exporter who has been viciously cheated and now is harassed by nayanshree’s cheater gang, who make it difficult for the exporter to earn a living, with the blessings of google and tata group for their fraud,.

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