Cunning LIAR ntro/raw employees interchanging professional connection with personal friendships to cheat, exploit single women they HATE

In one of the greatest CORRUPTION scandals in india in the indian internet sector which the indian government is in denial is how the cunning LIAR ntro/raw employees have interchanged their personal relations with professional connection to a hardworking single woman who they HATED, to get all their real girlfriends, SUGAR BABIES, and associates, lucrative raw/cbi jobs with monthly salaries, at the expense of the hardworking single woman, effectively destroying her reputation, life in a case of government slavery since 2010
A school dropout housewife or other housewife only COOKING, CLEANING for her crooked husband, and having no income of her own, will not have any kind of professional relationship, especially with ntro/raw employees, she may know them socially or personally, if they are relatives or friends of the people she knows socially or they are having an extra-marital affair.
Similarly scammer students, only studying with no income of their own, will not have any kind of professional relationship other than their teachers, other students, especially with ntro/raw employees. Goan call girls only know their clients,
Yet showing the incompetence of the indian government, for 11 years, the government refuses to admit top ntro/raw employees will only have a personal/social relationship with a school dropout housewife or other housewife, allowing them to covert their relation with the housewife into a professional relationship, stealing the identity, resume of a hardworking single woman engineer, who ntro/raw employees HATE, have never helped in any way.

Instead of questioning the ntro/raw employees why they are falsely converting their personal relationship into professional, and making fake claims about their girlfriends and associates the government repeats their lies, criminally defaming hardworking professionals, investors who are then forced to complain to avoid further losses, expose the dishonesty and incompetence of the indian government agencies

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