Mediocre Liar Sister rewarded for betrayal

The shameless fraud officials in the indian internet sector can stoop to the lowest level to destroy the life of a brilliant obc engineer, webmaster, domain investor and online exporter rewarding everyone who will betray the honest harmless engineer and webmaster. These perverted cowards will make up completely false allegations of black money without proof to sexually harass and ogle at her for years, though these shameless frauds cannot send any income tax notice, while conveniently remaining anonymous.

These shameles fraud officials in the indian internet sector will reward her mediocre liar sister for betraying the obc engineer, leaking family secrets with a lucrative governmemt job, falsely claiming that the mediocre treacherous sister had the brilliant academic and professional record of the obc engineer who these perverted men have sexually harassed, defamed and cheated for years. They will also steal the hard earned money of the obc engineer without a court order trying to reward the fraud sister for her treachery.

The treacherous housewife does not even check her email regularly yet the shameless fraud top officials in the indian internet sector, will falsely claim that she is the domain investor, webmaster and online exporter who earns a significant amount from export as they cannot tolerate merit of the brilliant obc engineer . Thus for betraying her trusting brilliant sister, the mediocre housewife has been rewarded by the cowardly fraud officials in the indian internet sector with a lucrative government job stealing the resume of the brilliant obc engineer.

The brilliant obc engineer has invested a large amount online, yet the treacherous housewife gets credit despite not spending a single paisa because of the shameless fraud officials in the indian internet sector who seem to worship liars, cheaters and mediocre backstabbers . Humiliating, exploiting and cheating anyone brilliant, honest, hardworking and experienced seems to be the unofficial policy of these fraud officials

They are also giving the mediocre cunning cheater housewife from Indore credit for the online revenues of the brilliant obc engineer when she does no work online or spend a single paisa . These powerful shameless thieves are falsely claiming that the stolen savings of the obc engineer belong to to her fraud sister. The cunning fraud sister along her cheater husband has invested a huge amount in gold and real estate, yet due to the complete lack of morals, honesty and humanity in the top officials in the indian internet sector, the cheater housewife has got great rewards for betraying her brilliant sister who made the mistake of trusting her.

This is a clear indication of how cunning fraud brahmin officials use the divide and rule policy to destroy the life of brilliant obc engineers and steal their resume for mediocre obc and other frauds who cheat them. Any suggestions on how to make these shameless top officials in the indian internet sector STOP MAKING UP FALSE STORIES and give credit to the obc engineer for a change


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