Misplaced priorities

In the internet sector there are only very limited resources available. why waste these resources, to make an experienced webmaster and domain investor penniless, monitor the real scammers instead. Admit that it is a unhealthy obsession, not going to result in any great gain.
Intentionally resources are wasted for non productive activities
1. monitoring all activities.
2. email theft
3. blocking payments – payments of even rs 100 are blocked to frame a innocent person,online exporter, that the business is illegal. but scammers looting Rs 4.5 lakhs go unpunished and undetected, since so many resources are wasted framing an innocent person.
4. sabotaging laptop
5. sabotaging websites
6. reducing page views
Why does no one realize the futility of framing an innocent person, while letting scammers scot free.

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