Wastage of technical talent by jealous narrow minded indian security forces

There is a great waste of technical talent in India by ill informed and prejudiced security forces, and no one in the online or offline media is questioning them about their extremely unreasonable behaviour, which is exploitation and discrimination of the worst kind, as they make wild allegations against innocent persons without any proof. Their behaviour is extremely unreasonable but no one tries to correct these big mistakes.

India is a poor country, but it wastes well qualified experienced technical talent, by having its powerful security forces label an innocent person as a terrorist or naxalite, without any proof or evidence at all. These jealous, greedy and cruel men will base their assumption solely based on their extremely prejudiced opinion about the lifestyle of the person, which does not take into account, that every person has a choice to spend his or her hard earned money as he or she wishes. Experienced women engineers are the worst affected as these ill informed men judge women exclusively on the basis of their appearance, and try to steal their identity.

These extremely powerful men who have the mental maturity of 5 year old kids start howling “beauty beauty” to justify the theft of the identity of an experienced engineer by a lazy young woman, who does nothing. The identity thief is a lazy inexperienced liar and fraud, whose greatest strength is that she comes from a powerful family or has seduced powerful men, whose actual contribution to the indian economy is zero. Yet these men, tata and google delude themselves that it is worth spending huge amount of resources promoting the crooked young identity thief, who will be considered a criminal in any other sector.

Instead of spending time defending the country against real enemies who cause damage to to the country, these powerful men, will waste resources like expensive equipment, tax payer money stealing all the opportunities available to the trained engineer, so that she is penniless, and has no work because all communication is stolen by intelligence agencies giving fake excuses of national security. All her postal mail, email, phone calls, smses, will be diverted and stolen by these greedy dishonest men and their associates to their young cheater girlfriends. These greedy cheater men will also steal a single womans savings of twenty years, giving flimsy excuses, making it impossible to buy a office, and then use the lack of office to promote their young cheater lazy girlfriends, who specialize in lies and corporate espionage.

These unreasonable men will claim that if she has any money, she will pose a threat to national security. When so much money is spent training her, why is additional money and resources spent wasting her experience. If a person of a particular caste is automatically a security threat in India today, why waste resources training the person?
Is it caste based discrimination that if a person from a certain caste does well, she will automatically pose a threat to national security? These cruel , jealous men have ogled at her for more than four years, without finding any proof to support their terrible allegations, but still insist on spreading false rumours defaming her

Can anyone explain the extreme waste of resources in India, caused by the massive ego of powerful men who want to destroy an innocent person’s life, only out of jealousy and hatred.

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