Daily betrayal of indian exporters

Indian intelligence agency officials have access to a lot of confidential information regarding backdoors and security flaws, hidden wifi networks. Unfortunately there is no regulation of the people who have access to the information, especially young dishonest greedy women who commit corporate espionage on online exporters.

To compound the problems, these dishonest young women and their associates will misuse the information to further sabotage the online exporter to waste time daily, by making unauthorised changes on the civilians laptop, resulting in waste of time daily. Offline these coward women like siddhi mandrekar, sunaina, and their associates would never have the guts to damage private property as they would be quickly detected and legal action would be taken against them for damage to private property which is against the law.

However, online , protected by their powerful intelligence agency boyfriends, these dishonest young women and their associates are able to waste hours of an exporter daily, due to the unwanted changes in laptop while they continue to draw a salary from the government for their misdeeds. Even police are not allowed to damage property of private citizens without a valid reason because they dislike the person, and want to take over the business. Then why is siddhi mandrekar, daughter of sufal mandrekar, reis magos, verem, goa and her arrogant associates allowed to damage the laptop of a harmless citizen daily, without ever being punished?

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