The worst kind of betrayal

The worst kind of betrayal is when people fake concern for you, falsely claim that they are acting on your behalf, when they actually hate you and want to destroy your life. If these men are able to convince a large number of people that their concern will be real, it can be extremely dangerous for the person who they are faking concern, as all these people will be duped.

When the person faking concern is a very powerful government official, undoing the mess created can be a very uphill task, wasting many hours of time and money. He may put any person under surveillance for many years, and then falsely claim that his inexperienced, mediocre, cheater girlfriends have the person’s qualification, experience, investment, skills, work ethic, to appoint these mediocre friends to important government jobs at the expense of the person who he has faked concern for.

Even when the exploited person protests loudly, the powerful officials will refuse to admit their mistake or correct it, instead deploying their girlfriends to harass, cheat, exploit and defame the person who they have exploited, wasting even more indian tax payer money in the process. They are overconfident that their great fraud will never be exposed and they will never have to correct their great mistake as they are extremely shameless, without a conscience.

The problem appears to very accute in the indian internet sector as the largest companies and most powerful officials seem to consider betrayal and backstabbing a virtue, while loyalty, trust and honesty a crime. People who hate you openly are far more honest, at least they do not exploit the person who they hate to get great benefits for themselves and their friends. So ending the year appreciating honest enemies, and hope that karma teaches the fake friends who betray a lesson.

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