Fake references scam

One of the little known facts about the internet sector in India is how fake references are given to undeserving individuals, so that they get lucrative positions. An experienced webmaster is put under surveillance, and then powerful people in the internet industry will then falsely claim that their young lazy girlfriend has the experience and qualifications of the webmaster. Thus their young lazy girlfriend with almost no work experience gets a lucrative position of great power because of fake references by powerful men, who are jealous of experienced webmasters, while the experienced webmaster gets nothing despite investing huge amounts of money, and many years of her life online, because of the fraud by powerful men and their undeserving girlfriends.
Thus the powerful men, who hold positions of great responsibility betray the trust people have in them, by giving fake references to young women, with almost no work experience.
A NTRO fake references scam was uncovered in 2010, and it is believed that the system of fake references continues, with experienced webmasters and engineers subjected to identity theft attempts.

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