Why there is no big Indian internet company

There is no big Indian internet company (non Ecommerce) because of the lack of foresight and vision of those in charge of the internet in India. These powerful people are only interested in enriching themselves and exploiting anyone who is talented and hardworking.
As soon as they find someone who is experienced, hardworking, and meritious, these greedy vicious powerful people try to destroy the persons life, in the hope that they can force that person to join their company. Every person the experienced webmaster knows or trusts is encouraged to betray the webmaster in the worst possible manner, to destroy her faith in human nature, the webmaster is subjected to organized stalking.

This mediocre treacherous person is given great powers and privileges for this act of betrayal, while the hardworking webmaster paying all the bills gets no support at all. In fact, all people believe the lies of the boastful backstabber, who is actually not doing anything, but only wants to greedily claim credit. The ultimate aim of these internet companies is to force the webmaster to form a company and teach the person who has viciously backstabbed her for free.

This arrangement which is supported by many Indian internet companies is very advantageous to the cruel vicious backstabber, who is given great rewards for his or her act of betrayal. However, anyone can see that this is exploiting the poor hardworking webmaster, who is always expected to agree to an extremely unfair agreement, wherein she gets nothing despite being the major contributor to the company. Without the backstabber the webmaster will still be able to earn money online, while the backstabber is unlikely to earn much money alone due to the lack of knowledge and skills.

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