Why is being hardworking a crime in India today?

From http://www.mid-day.com/columnists/2013/sep/210913-opinion-vikram-sood-how-to-lose-a-winning-game.htm

However, it did not require a post-graduation in economics to understand that I could only spend what I earned and if I wanted to earn more, I produced more, worked harder, saved and invested. Alternatively, one could beg, borrow or worse, steal. In each case, you had to pay for it. We seem to have forgotten this basic lesson of life

The greatest danger is when half of the people begin to believe that they need not work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half believes that there is no point in working because somebody else is going to get what they work for. That is the beginning of the end.


A single woman entrepreneur has been subjected to the most brutal of identity theft attempts by an assorted range of cruel, vicious, greedy females in their early twenties with powerful backers.
To facilitate this cruel identity theft attempt these girlfriends and relatives of powerful people have been given unlimited powers of surveillance over the entrepreneur, allowed to intercept emails, SMSes, postal mails, effectively destroying the life of the entrepreneur.
None of these girlfriends and relatives have the skills, are willing to spend the time ,money or work hard as the entrepreneur did, but just want to steal the privileges. They do not have the guts or skills to start a business of their own, only falsely claim to be involved in a business to steal the privileges of the business owner, while simultaneously doing everything to harass the business owner. They are assisted by powerful people who are jealous of the entrepreneur and want to destroy her life.

Why are these extremely vicious greedy lazy young liars showered with so many privileges today and the hardworking entrepreneur subjected to so much continuous harassment and persecution in India today for years?

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