Surveillance of a single woman entrepreneur

This is an open letter to those who have put a single lady under surveillance for the last 2 years or more, harassed her and extorted money.
She has worked very hard to save money for her retirement, do you dispute this?
Most of the powerful people who have harassed her will get a pension after they retire, as an entrepreneur, the only source of income in her old age are her savings.
Those who trouble her also are married, and have children who are likely to take care , help financially when retired.
The surveillance footage was not kept confidential, it was leaked to criminals.
The criminals have used the surveillance to steal her laptop and taken it to Delhi.
A detective agency is demanding several lakhs just as fees to trace the laptop with a 50-100% success rate.
She is a hardworking entrepreneur, unlike you, she has no powers to harass anyone and extort money.
Why do you misuse your powers to harass her, while remaining anonymous?
If your actions are justified, can you face her directly?

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