Handling betrayal

If a person is betrayed by a family member , in most Indian families, the family members will keep quiet since “family honour” is at stake.

However, while working in a professionally managed company, the attitude is just the opposite. If a person betrays the trust reposed in him or her, backstabs, cheats, lies or does not keep promises, the person betrayed is encouraged to speak out , tell everyone he or she knows about the betrayal.

This is a much better approach for several reasons which include :

  • People will know about the betrayal, the person behind it, so they will think twice about dealing with the betrayer.
  • If a person keeps quiet after being betrayed, the chances that he or she will be betrayed again are very high as people will take the individual for granted.
  • The person betrayed may get some compensation or redressal if he or she makes a noise about it. If no one knows about a problem, no one can help the affected person.
  • Telling others about the betrayal reduces the frustration and stress caused by the betrayal.

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