10 years later, victim of CRIMINAL DEFAMATION of ntro employees puneet, j srinivasan, struggles to recover from the fraud of ntro employees

Mhow cheater director puneet , j srinivasan destroyed the life of his btech 1993 ee classmate from a top college who he HATED faking help, DEFAMING her without proof, so viciously and convincingly with his excellent acting skills that 10 years later, everyone believes his FAKE STORIES,
Though income tax returns will legally prove that mhow cheater puneet and his his LAZY LIAR girlfriends, sugar babies in raw/cbi are LIARS, they still falsely claim to own her bank, paypal account credit card to get them all raw/cbi salaries for more than 10 years without being questioned, without doing any computer work, without investing any money online at all
This clearly proves that criminal defamation of hardworking honest citizens, especially paypal account holders is a very lucrative racket in india

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