Why do powerful men in India worship dishonest, abusive and dominating women

The sheena bora murder case has exposed a little known quality of the most powerful men in India – they worship dishonest, abusive, greedy and dominating women with no values or humanity. these men are very influential,have almost unlimited powers, pretend to be very honest, yet these same men worship, protect and reward lazy greedy cheater abusive and dominating women and give these fraud women great powers.

It is dangerous for the country that such fraud men and women continue to have almost unlimited powers in the country and cannot be questioned for the decisions they take. Men who are poor judges of character, blinded by their infatuation of lazy greedy cheater women should not be given great powers. yet today the indian intelligence agencies rely on fraud officials who falsely claim that brahmin and other cheaters, goan sluts who sleep with them were their Btech 1993 ee classmates to give fraud women lucrative jobs allegedly in R&AW

Both peter mukherjea and mikhail bora confirmed that indrani mukherjea was abusive, dominating, dishonest and greedy, yet peter mukherjea gave her an equal stake in most of his property. Indrani had no shortage of powerful men who would do whatever she wanted. On the other hand, these powerful men are ruthless in defaming, cheating, exploiting, and sexually harassing honest hardworking polite women. Similarly powerful men worship the mediocre lazy greedy cheaters impersonating the obc domain investor

Is it because in India today, people cannot be successful without being dishonest, greedy and abusive, and these men like women who are like them, dishonest, greedy abusived,
can any psychologist explain the mindset of the shameless dishonest fraud powerful men in India who worship lazy greedy cheater women and falsely claim that these frauds were their Btech 1993 classmate

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