Fraud powerful engineering college classmates

One of the biggest problems which a single woman engineer can face is when her fraud powerful engineering college classmates think that they can falsely claim that any mediocre lazy young woman they are infatuated with, has her engineering degree, experience, investment, skills, to appoint these mediocre frauds to important government jobs.
Though they have degrees from the top engineering colleges in the country, these powerful officials, who are allegedly bribed by the largest corporates in the indian internet sector, will have no qualms falsely claiming that any inexperienced, lazy, mediocre young woman sleeping with them or who they are infatuated with, was their engineering college classmate .

They refuse to admit that they have no right to steal the engineering degree of their classmate, especially when they hate her. When their mediocre lazy girlfriends did not have the interest or inclination to study hard to get admission to a top engineering college, why falsely claim that these women studied with them, have a engineering degree.

Why not be honest and admit that they are infatuated with mediocre lazy cheater good looking women, and want to make them rich and powerful overnight. Why falsely claim that their good looking friends are experienced engineers and domain investors, and dupe other companies and people . Why do think that they own their engineering college classmate and can control her life, when they actually do not even want to interact with her.

To worsen the problem any email sent by the real engineer to an engineering company, will not be delivered, as powerful officials with engineering degrees in the indian internet sector, think that if they are infatuated with any mediocre lazy cheater , she will get an engineering degree overnght. This makes a mockery of the education system . Even her phone calls are diverted to the young fraud call girl friends of her jealous classmates.
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