Betraying customers

Some companies have made betraying customers a tradition, it is part of the company culture. If a customer spends money with them, they will misuse the name of the customer, and give all privileges to their lazy undeserving girlfriends or relatives who have not spent a single penny with them.

Thus these companies, especially in the Internet sector, have perfected the art of punishing and ruining the life of their customers, by stealing the assignments and powers the customer would have otherwise got, because she is a major investor, and has many years of experience. These companies will give fake references to their undeserving lazy friends and relatives of powerful people and steal the assignments.
It is very frustrating for the customer, in such cases, the customer is forced to move to other companies, who do not have a culture of punishing their customer for their loyalty but are thankful for the business. Why should a customer spend his or her hard earned money with a company, only to give the company a license to misuse the customers name

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